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  • 2.72 lakh people have been infected in Russia, while 2537 people have died
  • So far, 14.84 lakhs have been infected in America, while 88 thousand 507 people have died.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 04:14 PM IST

Washington. So far, 46 lakh 40 thousand 339 people have been infected with coronavirus in the world. 17 lakh 57 thousand 282 have been cured. The figure of deaths has increased to 3 lakh 08 thousand 610. Travelers arriving in Indonesia must show a health certificate. This rule will apply to foreign nationals as well as citizens here. At the same time, 9200 new cases of infection a day have been found in Russia. So far, more than 2 lakh 72 thousand patients have been found in the country.
Coronavirus: 10 most affected countries

Country How infected How many deaths How well
America 14,84,285 88,507 3,26,242
Spain 2,74,367 27,459 1,88,967
Russia 2,72,043 2,537 58,226
Britain 2,36,711 33,998 Not available
Italy 2,23,885 31,670 1,20,205
Brazil 2,20,291 14,962 84,970
France 1,79,506 27,529 60,448
Germany 1,75,699 8,001 1,51,700
Turkey 1,46,457 4,055 1,06,133
Iran 1,16,635 6,902 91,836

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5 US Navy sailors found infected again
The US Navy said in a statement on Friday that this week the five sailors of the USS Theodore Roosevelt who were previously positive have been reinfected after arriving from Quarantine. According to the news agency, the sailors have seen flu-like symptoms. They are shipped in immediate isolation from the ship. People coming in contact with them are also being investigated.

America: 1680 deaths in 24 hours

In the US, 1680 people died in 24 hours. The death toll in the country has exceeded 88 thousand. At the same time, 14 lakh 84 thousand 285 people are infected. In the most affected state of New York, 27 thousand people have lost their lives, while more than three lakh 56 thousand are infected. A stay-at-home order has been issued in the state till June 13.

  • US President Donald Trump said that we will give ventilators to our friend India. America stands with India and Narendra Modi during the pandemic. We are also working shoulder to shoulder to prepare the corona vaccine. The two countries together will defeat this invisible enemy.

  • Trump said – once the effective and effective vaccine is developed, it will be considered to be available to the public free of charge. The vaccine can be developed by the end of this year. A new campaign called 'Operation Warp Speed' has been launched to develop the vaccine.

  • According to the New York Times, Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a US health organization, said on Friday that by June 1, the death toll in the country would exceed 1 lakh. The CDC said these things after studying 12 different models.
  • According to Fox News, President Donald Trump may give WHO as much funding as China. On April 14, Trump stopped funding, accusing the organization of fraud. The United States has been funding the most at $ 400 million every year.

The picture is of Domino Park in Brooklyn. People are sitting following the rules of social distancing.

Brazil: 15,305 new cases of infection
Corona outbreaks are also increasing in Latin American country Brazil. There have been 15,305 reported infections during 24 hours. There have been more than 2 lakh 18 thousand patients in the country. According to the Ministry of Health, 824 people died in one day. Now the number of dead has increased to 14 thousand 817. A day ago, 13 thousand 944 new cases were found in the country. Meanwhile, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Monday relaxed the lockdown rules, allowing gyms, beauty parlors and barber shops to open. The second health minister, Nielsen Keach, has resigned in a month amid differences over the lockdown from Bolsonaro.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, supporting those protesting against the lockdown.

Britain: reduction in cases
Britain is the fourth most affected country after the US, Spain and Russia. There are 3560 cases a day and 384 people have died. So far, about 34 thousand people have died in the country and 2.36 lakh people are infected. At the same time, Health Minister Matt Hancock has told that the number of deaths in the country is decreasing. Nursing homes will be tested in the first week of June.

British PM Boris Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds cheering NHS staff.

Italy: Foreign travel permission from June 3
Italy is lifting the ban on international travel from 3 June. People will now be able to move to Italy from another country. Free travel within the country will also be allowed from the same day.
So far, 31 thousand 610 people have died in Italy. Two lakh 23 thousand 885 are infected. This is the highest number of deaths in the world after America and Britain. 242 people have died in the country in 24 hours and more than 700 new cases have been found. All activities will start here from May 18. The first case of Corona was reported on 21 February in Italy.

In Italy, a restaurant worker would measure the distance between two tables. Following the rules of social distancing, the restaurant has been allowed to open here.

Russia: Starts screening of people for antibodies

There are 9200 infected people a day in Russia. The number of patients here has been two lakh 72 thousand 43. At the same time, 2537 people have lost their lives. Large-scale screening of antibodies has been initiated in the country. People of different ages are being called for this in a hospital in Moscow. Blood samples of people are being sent to labs for examination.

People burying the bodies of those killed by infection in a Russian cemetery. The number of patients is increasing rapidly here.

Peru: More Cases Than China

Peru has become the 11th most infected country in the world. There have been more infection cases here than China. So far 84 thousand 495 patients have been found in the country. At the same time, 2392 patients have died.

China: 21 new cases found

There have been 21 new arrivals in China. There are 13 such cases, whose symptoms were not seen before. At the same time, 11 million people of Wuhan will be tested. According to China's National Health Commission, 6 out of eight cases found on Friday were from outside. So far 82 thousand 941 cases have been reported in the country, while 4633 people have lost their lives.

South Korea: 11,037 cases occurred.
There have been 19 new cases in South Korea. The number of patients has increased to 11,037. The Health Ministry said on Saturday that the country is currently experiencing a new type of infection. Right now the case of Sanjiraman spread from nightclubs is increasing rapidly. The city closed the bars and clubs of the city every day after new cases surfaced.

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