Coronavirus | Mumbai Delhi Coronavirus News | Coronavirus Outbreak India Cases LIVE Updates; Maharashtra Pune Madhya Pradesh Indore Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Bihar Punjab Novel Corona (COVID-19) Death Toll India Today | So far, 4.40 lakh cases: 13 thousand 548 patients have increased in 24 hours, this is the lowest in 5 days; 10 thousand 879 infected also recovered

  • So far, 1.78 lakh active cases, 2.48 lakh have been cured, while 14 thousand have lost their lives
  • 2909 patients increased in Delhi and the highest number of 3589 were discharged from the hospital.
  • Maharashtra has the highest increase of 3721 infected, 1962 recovered, 113 killed

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Jun 23, 2020, 10:03 AM IST

new Delhi. The figure of corona infects in the country has increased to 4 lakh 40 thousand 450. In the last 24 hours, 13 thousand 548 new cases came. This is the lowest in the past 5 days. On Monday, 10 thousand 879 patients were cured and 312 died. Maharashtra recorded the highest number of 3721 new cases and the maximum number of 113 deaths. In Delhi, 2909 patients were increased, while the highest number of 3589 patients were cured. The country saw an increase of only 2357 active cases yesterday. There are a total of 1.78 lakh active cases so far. 2.48 patients have been cured, while 14 thousand infected have died.

Updates …

  • Congress President Sonia Gandhi has expressed apprehension of starvation in the country. He has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this, there has been a demand to increase the facility of food grains being given to the needy under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana from July to September (3 months).
  • In Rajasthan, 16 people of the family including the wife of Congress MLA Girraj Singh Malinga were found infected from Bari. However, Malinga conducted his investigation on 16 June, the report of which came negative. He then went to the assembly to vote in the Rajya Sabha elections on 19 June.
  • Corona report of 8 cadets of INS Shivaji in Maharashtra came out positive. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Palanisamy's report is negative.

State of 5 states

  • Madhya Pradesh: There were 175 cases and 6 deaths on Monday. Maximum 44 patients were found in Indore. The reports of 23 patients in Bhopal, 12 in Jabalpur, 11 in Neemuch and Morena were positive. So far, 12 thousand 78 cases have been reported in the state. Of these 9215 patients have been cured. So far 521 have died from Corona.
  • Maharashtra: 3721 infected and 113 died on Monday. The report of 8 cadets of INS Shivaji came out positive. There were 1098 cases in Mumbai, 1002 cases in Thane. The number of infected in the state has gone to 1 lakh 35 thousand 796, out of which 61 thousand 793 are active cases. So far 6283 have lost their lives from Corona.
This is a quarantine center for Corona patients in Byculla, Mumbai. It has a facility of 1000 beds.
  • Uttar Pradesh: On Monday, 591 new patients increased and 19 died. 97 positive cases were found in Gautam Buddha Nagar and 29 in Lucknow. The number of infected in the state reached 18 thousand 322. So far 569 people have died from Corona here.
  • Rajasthan: The corona report of 302 patients came positive on Monday and 7 lost their lives. 45 cases were reported in Jodhpur, 42 in Jaipur and 13 in Dhaulpur. The number of infected in the state has increased to 15 thousand 232, out of which 2966 are active cases. So far 356 people have died from Corona.
  • Bihar: There were 228 infections and one death on Monday. Of these, the maximum increase was 36 in Patna, 27-27 in Madhubani and Siwan, and 18 cases in Samastipur. The number of infected in the state has reached 7 thousand 893, out of which 2074 are active cases. So far 52 people have died from Corona.

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