India China Border Talk News | Ladakh Galwan Valley face-off updates on China People Liberation Army (PLA) Retreat | This time China agreed to retreat in just 7 days, last time it agreed and reversed in 30 days, it took 73 days in Doklam.

  • On 15 June, there was a violent clash between Indo-Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley of eastern Ladakh.
  • According to the army, the two countries will now withdraw their troops from the confrontational sites in eastern Ladakh.

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Jun 23, 2020, 05:48 PM IST

new Delhi. China has agreed to retreat. It is believed that this time under pressure from India, he has bowed down in 7 days. On the night of 15 June, there was a violent clash in Galvan. After this, Lt. General Level talks between the two countries took place in Moldo on the China border on Monday, which lasted for 11 hours.

According to the statement issued by the army on Tuesday, peace was agreed upon in the talks held on Monday. The two countries will now withdraw their troops from confrontational sites in eastern Ladakh. The process of de-escalation will be gradual. That is, the soldiers of both countries will slowly retreat.

Last time agreed in 30 days, but reversed in 7 days
Whether or not China will withdraw its troops this time is doubtful. Actually, this is not the first time that China has agreed to be disengaged or to rear troops. He has turned back once.

On May 5-6, when nearly 200 Indo-Chinese soldiers had come face-to-face in the Finger-5 area of ​​Pangong Lake in eastern Ladakh, China had gathered at Petrol Point 14 in the Galvan Valley.

Even at that time there were talks in Moldo
30 days after the dispute i.e. on June 6, when India-China Lt. General Level talks were held in Moldo itself. China then agreed to withdraw the troops from Petrol Point 14. He had also removed his camps. There, Colonel Santosh Babu, the commanding officer of 16 Bihar Infantry Regiment, was keeping an eye on it and was talking to the Chinese army.

It was only 8 days ago that on 14 June China suddenly resumed its camps. When Colonel Santosh Babu himself came to talk with 40 soldiers on the evening of 15 June, about 300 Chinese soldiers attacked him. 20 soldiers of India including Colonel Santosh Babu were killed in the same skirmish of Galvan Valley.

2. He spent 73 days in Doklam
The dispute in Doklam began on 16 June 2017, when the Indian Army stopped Chinese troops from building roads there.

China claimed that it was building a road in its territory. The name of this area is Doka La in India, while in Bhutan it is called Doklam.

China then took 73 days to retreat from Doklam. On 28 August 2017, China agreed to retreat and on the same day it had also withdrawn troops. Later there was no dispute.

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