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  • So far, 4 lakh 95 thousand 382 people died in the world, while 53.16 lakh were cured
  • So far 1 lakh 27 thousand 327 people died in America, 10.55 lakhs were cured here

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Jun 27, 2020, 02:54 AM IST

Washington. So far, 98 lakh 87 thousand 780 people have been infected with coronavirus in the world. Among them, 53 lakh 16 thousand 200 people have been cured. At the same time, 4 lakh 95 thousand 382 people have died. On Friday, one lakh 70 thousand 350 new cases increased in one day. The highest number of 41 thousand 827 new cases was confirmed in Brazil. 39 thousand 461 new cases were reported in the US. In India, more than 18 thousand people were found corona positive in one day.

Meanwhile, 4,393 people worldwide also lost their lives due to infection on Friday. The highest number of 907 people were from Brazil and 736 from Mexico. 547 people died in America while 381 people lost their lives in India.

It will cost $ 31.3 billion a year to make the vaccine
The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that its associated companies need $ 31.3 billion (about Rs 2367 billion) a year to make the vaccine. Our goal is to have 500 million tested in developed countries by mid-2021. Also, by the end of 2021, 2 billion doses of vaccine should be made, out of which one billion doses should be delivered in low income countries.

Country How infected How many deaths How well
America 2,544,049 127,327 1,059,594
Brazil 1,274,974 55,961 673,729
Russia 620,794 8,781 384,152
India 509,446 15,689 295,917
Britain 309,360 43,414 Not available
Spain 2,94,985 28,338 Not available
Peru 2,68,602 8,761 1,56,074
Chile 2,63,360 5,068 2,23,431
Italy 2,39,961 34,708 1,87,615
Iran 2,17,724 10,239 1,77,852

10 countries where corona has the highest impact

*these figures Are taken from

Russia: 6800 infections reported in 24 hours

There are 6800 infected in 24 hours in Russia. For the first time since April, less than seven thousand cases have been found. Total cases here have exceeded 6 lakhs. More than eight thousand deaths have taken place in these, while 61% people i.e. 3 lakh 84 thousand 152 people have been cured.

In the photo, Russia's Election Commission staff are giving ballot papers to the public. Elections are being held in the country regarding the constitutional changes among the Coronavirus. It has started from 25 June which will run till 1 July.

Bangladesh: More than 1 lakh 30 thousand infected
A record 3868 new cases of infection have been reported in Bangladesh in the last 24 hours. Health Ministry spokesperson Nasima Sultana said that the number of infected people has increased to 13 lakh 474. He said that 40 including nine women died in one day. 1661 have been killed so far by infection.

Britain: Health Minister warns of shutting down all

Ignoring the danger of coronavirus in Britain, crowds of people are gathering along the beach. During this time, social distancing is also not being taken care of. Health Minister Matt Hancock has warned that all will be closed if people do not agree. On Thursday, Bournemouth Beach in Britain gathered half a million people. More than 3.09 lakh cases of infection have been reported in the UK and more than 43 thousand people have died.

A crowd gathered at a beach in Bournemouth, UK. People are neither wearing masks nor taking care of social distancing during this period.
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak went to a pizza parlor in London's West India Quay on Friday. During this time both of them took stock of the safety standards due to Corona. Hotels and restaurants have reopened in the UK.

10 times more infected in America
10 times more people are infected in the US than the number of cases reported so far. The US Department of Health gave this information on Thursday. The CDC reported in a report that about 25.14 lakh people have been infected by the epidemic in the country so far. On this basis, the actual number of corona infections in the US will be about 10 times, or 25 million. This figure is about 8% of the total population of the country.

We are not confused about Corona: Imran

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that if there is no country confuse about Corona, it is Pakistan. The opposition alleged that the government was confused about Corona. He said – we were forced to put restrictions like India. The lockdown was imposed in Pakistan on 13 March. So far, 1 lakh 95 thousand 745 have been infected in the country, while 3962 people have died.

Mexico: Number of infected crosses two lakhs
There have been 6,104 new cases of epidemic in 24 hours in Mexico. The number of infected has exceeded two lakhs. The Health Ministry said on Friday that 736 people died in a single day. The death toll has risen to 25,060. A day earlier, 5473 new cases of corona were reported here and 947 people died.

Health worker performing oxygen level check at Corona suspect in a hospital in Mexico. So far, more than 25 thousand deaths have taken place in the country.

Brazil: More than 55 thousand people lost their lives

In Brazil, 39,483 new cases have been reported in 24 hours and 1141 people have died. The number of infected has increased to 12 lakh 44 thousand 419. The Health Ministry said on Friday that 55,304 lives have been lost here. Brazil is the second most affected country after infection in the US.

Health worker Marília Correa (38), Health Secretary Nizomar Monteiro (38) and boat driver Adimilton Valente (34) arrived to investigate the corona of the riverbank community on Marazzo Island.

11 new cases found in Beijing
Beijing has received 11 new infections in 24 hours. The Municipal Health Commission said on Friday that 3 suspected and one non-symptomatic patient were also found. Between 11 and 25 June, 280 infected people have been found living in the country. At the same time, 22 untreated patients are being treated. So far 83,462 cases have been reported in China, while 4634 people have died.

Israel: Number of infected 22,800
There have been 400 new epidemic cases in Israel. On Friday, the number of infected in the country increased to 22,800. The Health Ministry said that the number of dead has reached 314. 16,872 people have been cured by the epidemic so far. The government has decided to ban the escalation of cases in the coastal cities Bat Yam and Ashdod. The schools have been closed.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended the graduation ceremony of Air Force pilots wearing a mask at the Hatjim military base near the city of Beersheba.

Germany: Risk of second wave of infection

Cases of re-infection are occurring in some cities of Germany. In the country, 288 new cases have been registered in 24 hours. This has increased the number of infected to 1.94 lakh. The Health Ministry said on Friday that the death toll in the country has risen to 9012.

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