Pakistan Petrol Diesel Price Today | Pakistan PM Imran Khan Update | Imran Khan Pakistan Government slashes petrol price by Rs 25 Per liter | Imran government made petrol cost 25 and diesel Rs 21 per liter in a single day; Opposition said – conspiracy to end the poor

  • Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday approved increasing the prices of petroleum products
  • New prices have also been applied, kerosene oil has become costlier by Rs 24 per liter

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Jun 27, 2020, 10:54 AM IST

Islamabad Pakistan's Imran Khan government on Friday made all petroleum products expensive. Petrol prices have been increased by Rs 25.58 per liter (in Pakistan currency). Now it has been increased to Rs 100.10 per liter. Diesel has become costlier by Rs 21 per liter. Now it has been increased to Rs 101.46 per liter. Kerosene oil has also become costlier by Rs 24 per liter.
After the new price came out, petrol pumps were closed in many cities of the country. According to Geo News, boards of technical fault were hung at most petrol pumps. At the same time, some were closed without any notice. The opposition has opposed raising the prices of petro products.

'Government wants to end the poor, not poverty'
The government's move was opposed by the opposition. Pakistan Peoples Party or PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said – what a decision. Due to the failure of the government, the country is on the verge of bankruptcy. This does not mean that they loot the poor to fill the treasure. The selected prime minister would be better if not arbitrary. PML-N MP Asif Kirmani of Nawaz Sharif's party said – this is a petrol bomb. Other countries of the world are focusing on ending poverty. Our government is intent on ending the poor.

The new rates will be like this

Product Prior rate New rate how expensive
petrol 74.52 100.10 25.58
High speed diesel 80.15 101.46 21.21
Kerosene 35.56 59.06 23.50
Light diesel oil 38.14 55.98 17.84

Price: Rupees per liter (according to Pakistan's currency)

Keep this in mind : Pakistani rupee against India

1 rupee of India is equal to 2.22 rupees of Pakistan. That is, the value of Indian currency is more than double that of Pakistani currency.

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