Coronavirus Latest News; World now has 1 crore cases, transition began in China; But America, Brazil, Russia and India are the most infected | The transition began in China; But currently America, Brazil, Russia, Britain and India are the most infected countries

  • The first case of Corona came out on 31 December last year, within three months, almost the entire population of more than 200 countries were hit by the virus.
  • Maximum 25 lakh 52 thousand cases of infection were reported in the world, the number of deaths here was 1 lakh 27 thousand.

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Jun 28, 2020, 02:50 AM IST

Washington. There were 10 million cases of coronavirus worldwide. The whole world has been under arrest for 180 days. On December 31, China first informed the World Health Organization about this virus. Then there were 54 cases in China. Three months later, almost the entire population of more than 200 countries fell into its grip.

The epidemic of course originated in China, but today America, Brazil, Russia, India and Britain are the five most infected countries in the world. In these countries, 53% of infections are 53 lakh 28 thousand 449 cases. The daily reported cases of corona found in China decreased from 100 after 6 March. Within three months, China almost controlled the epidemic. So far, more than 83 thousand cases have been found here, while only 4634 people have lost their lives.

75 lakh cases of corona were reported in 67 days, initial 25 lakh cases in 111 days
If you look at the speed of infection, it took 111 days to get the first 25 lakh cases. Then 75 lakh cases were reported in just 67 days. That is, more than one lakh cases in a day. There are so many cases of infection worldwide that the population of many countries is less than this. There are 144 countries all over the world, whose population is less than one crore. This includes countries such as Israel, UAE, Austria, Belarus.

More than 53 lakh patients healed worldwide
More than 5.3 million people infected worldwide have been cured. The relief is that the recovery rate is 54.08 percent. Meaning 54 patients out of every 100 are recovering. Russia has the highest recovery rate of 61.88% among the 5 most affected countries in the world. This is followed by 58.08% of India, 54.49% of Brazil and 41.86% of America. The recovery rate could not be ascertained due to lack of data on cured patients in the UK.

More than 5 lakh deaths worldwide, Britain has the highest death rate

During this time, the number of deaths worldwide has exceeded five lakhs. The world's death rate is 5.01 percent. The UK has the highest death rate among the five most affected countries, at 14.03%. This is followed by the US at 4.99%, Brazil at 4.38%, India at 3.07%. Russia has the lowest death rate in the world at 1.42%.

Coronavirus than other viruses

More than one lakh cases were reported every day
On 20 June, there were more than 89 lakh cases in the world. On June 21, more than 1.30 lakh cases were reported. On June 22, close to 1.40 lakh cases were reported. More than 1.60 lakh cases were reported on 23 June, 1.70 lakh on 24 June, 1.80 lakh on 25 June and 1.90 lakh on 26 June.

State of 5 infected countries

Country First case Infected The deaths How well
America 20 January 25,77,018 1,27,929 1,071,393
Brazil 26 February 12,84,214 56,197 6,97,526
Russia 30 January 6,27,646 8,969 3,93,352
India 30 January 5,29,331 16,102 3,10,120
Britain 31 January 3,10,250 43,514 Not available

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