10 big fake news related to Corona | Did Bill Gates chip in his body and Dawood Ibrahim died of infection? These news are false in the name of virus

  • In the last three months, hundreds of fake news went viral and people in lockdown thought it forward without thinking too much.
  • These reports, stemming from the foolishness of some people, also spread fear and created confusion and tension among the people.

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Jun 28, 2020, 10:25 AM IST

The number of patients infected with the corona virus in India has crossed 5 lakhs. The number of Kovid-19 infected people worldwide has crossed the 1 crore mark. Obviously these figures are scaring people. Every moment people want to get necessary updates related to Corona.

A number of misleading claims and rumors have started with the arrival of Kovid-19 in India in March. These claims were sometimes related to the treatment of Corona and sometimes a statement about Kovid-19 in the name of a big celebrity or institution was made viral.

Dainik Bhaskar's Fact Check team is investigating these claims and bringing the right facts and truth to you. Learn the truth of 10 recent misleading claims related to Corona virus.

Viral claim– The WHO said that the corona virus is declining.

Truth revealed WHO Director General Tedros Adenhom Grabeyesus himself denied this.

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2. Viral Claim – The Ministry of Home Affairs has given permission to open schools across the country.

Truth Revealed – The Ministry of Home Affairs had given permission to conduct only exams of 10th and 12th with certain conditions and not to open schools.

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3. Viral Claims Bill Gates is putting a chip on people's bodies with the corona test, so that people can be monitored.

Truth revealed – Bill Gates spoke of digitally certifying people. Not to put a chip on the body.

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4. Viral Claims – Whatsapp message in the name of research institute ICMR, it is being said that you cannot go out for one year, 21 such guidelines

Truth revealed – Dr. Sumit Aggarwal, a member of ICMR's Corona team, called this claim as fake.

To read the entire investigation here Click Do the

5. Viral Claim 5 – Corona virus information was given years before in Dr. Ramesh Gupta's book 'Modern Animal Science'.

Truth Revealed – Dr. Gupta has written medicines to cure the symptoms of cold and cold, the Government of India has also claimed this claim as a click here to read the entire investigation.

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6. Viral Claim – A newspaper cutting share claimed that drinkers would not have the corona virus.

Truth Revealed – No such news was found in the investigation. WHO asked to use alcohol-based handwash, not recovering corona after drinking alcohol.

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7. Viral Claim – Dettol already knew about the Kovid-19, the name of the coronavirus is written on the back of his bottle.

Truth Revealed – Some of the company's products were said to be effective against the Corona virus family. However, no Dettol product was tested with Kovid-19.

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8. Viral Claim – China's Corona Specialist Li Wenliang stated before death that the chemicals in tea can kill coronaviruses.

Truth Revealed – Dr. Li Wenliang was not an corona virus specialist but an eye specialist. He himself died of a corona infection. The claim viral in his name turned out to be fake.

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9. Viral Claim– Coronavirus can be treated with freshly boiled garlic water. Boil and drink garlic in seven cups of water.

Truth revealed – WHO has tweeted and said – There is no strong evidence of treatment of coronavirus with garlic.

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10. Viral Claim – Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his wife died of corona infection in a hospital in Karachi.

Truth Revealed – Dawood Ibrahim's brother Anees has clarified that neither Dawood has a corona infection nor has he died.

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