Gurgaon Faridabad (Haryana) Coronavirus 862 Cases Today Reports Updates | Coronavirus Cases in Haryana Latest News; Gurugram Faridabad Sonipat Jhajjar Panipat | 33 new patients arrived in the state, 50 were discharged from hospital, maximum 23 were discharged from Gurgaon

  • 514 patients have been discharged from hospital in Haryana
    State's recovery rate improved, now reached 57.97 percent

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 08:02 PM IST

Panipat. The number of people recovering from the slowing pace of corona infection is increasing in the state. In the last three days, around 139 patients have recovered and returned home, bringing the recovery rate to 57.97 percent and the number of cases of corona doubling to 13 days instead of 9 days.

On Saturday, when 33 new cases were reported in the state, 50 patients recovered and returned home. So now the number of infected in the state has gone up to 887, out of which 13 have died. However, 514 have been cured and now only 360 patients are active. It is a matter of concern that there is a steady increase in the number of samples of suspects and the investigation of infected people per 10 lakh, which has now risen to 2962. On Saturday, 14 patients were found in Gurgaon, 4 in Faridabad, 4 in Nuh, 3 in Jhajjar, 3 in Rewari, 2 in Sonipat, 2 in Palwal, 1 in Fatehabad.

50 patients have been cured in Haryana on Saturday. The highest number of them is from Gurgaon. Here 23 patients recovered while 6 patients in Panipat, 6 in Sonipat, 4 in Jhajjar, 4 in Karnal, 2 in Sirsa, 2 in Faridabad, 1 in Noonh, 1 in Ambala, 1 in Panchkula went home.

14 new positive cases in Gurgaon

Corona virus infection in Gurgaon is not taking its name. On Saturday, 14 new positive cases of Corona virus were detected in Gurgaon. Not only this, all the cases have been found in the city. The special thing is that 136 cases have been reported in 16 days of May, while only 57 cases were received in March and April. In the urban area of ​​Gurgaon, there are increasingly positive cases. While the health department in rural areas is not able to monitor. According to a bulletin issued by the Health Department on Saturday, 3 cases in Ravinagar, two in Sirhol, two in Bhavani Enclave, one in Sector-17, one in Shivaji Park, one in Dundahera, one in Arjun Nagar, one in Sikandarpur, Sector-56 A case has come up in one and Molaheda. In such a situation, now new cases have spread throughout the city, due to which the risk of infection is increasing continuously.

144 Corona patients figure reached in Faridabad

With the death of five Karono patients in Faridabad, the number of positive cases in the district reached 144 on Saturday. Reports of four more patients were found positive on Saturday. These include an employee working on a Dabua vegetable market. Apart from this, one woman from Parvatiya Colony, one from Flood Mohalla and Dabua Colony have also been found positive.

Corona has died in these districts of Haryana

The maximum number of deaths in Faridabad is 5, 3 in Panipat district, 2 in Ambala, 1-1 in Sonipat, Karnal and Rohtak due to Corona. All the patients who died had some disease, followed by corona and died.

Haryana patients reach 887

  • So far in Haryana, 193 in Gurgaon, 144 in Faridabad, 134 in Sonipat, 90 in Jhajjar, 65 in Nuh, 42 in Ambala, 39 in Palwal, 36 in Panipat, 25 in Panchkula, 20 in Jind, 17 in Rewari. 9, 8-8 in Yamunanagar, Fatehabad and Rohtak, 7 in Sirsa, 6-6 in Bhiwani and Mahendragarh, 5 in Kaithal, 4-4 in Hisar and Charkhi Dadri, 3 in Kurukshetra. Apart from this, 14 Italian citizens were also admitted to Medanta Hospital Gurgaon, which Haryana has added to its list.

  • Now a total of 514 patients have been cured in the state. 90 in Gurgaon, 75 in Sonipat, 77 in Faridabad, 58 in Noonh, 40 in Ambala, Palwal 35, 28 in Jhajjar, 30 in Panipat, 20 in Panchkula, 10 in Jind, 8 in Yamunanagar, 9 in Karnal, 6 in Sirsa. , Yamunanagar, Bhiwani and Hisar 3-3, Kaithal, Kurukshetra, Rohtak 2-2, Charkhi Dadri, Fatehabad 1-1 Patients were sent home on recovery. 14 patients have also recovered from Italy.

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