Indore Bhopal (MP) Coronavirus Cases May 16 Update | Madhya Pradesh Corona Cases District-Wise Today News; Indore Bhopal Ujjain Jabalpur Khandwa Gwalior Morena Raisen Raisen Sagar Datia Corona Lockdown Latest News | Coronavirus spread in 44 of 52 districts; People from outside found infected in new cases, passenger killed in labor special train

  • There is a travel history of patients getting in new districts, some from Gujarat and some from Delhi and Maharashtra
  • In the state till Friday night, the number of infected people was 4656, 2399 were cured and 240 lost their lives.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 09:42 PM IST

Bhopal. Coronavirus infection has reached 44 out of 52 districts of the state. In the districts where corona infection cases are coming up for the first time, there is a history of patients. Some come from Gujarat and some from Delhi and Maharashtra. The arrival of migrant workers from other states can continue for about 10 days. Districts where new patients are being received. There are not enough resources to take samples right now. As the scope of investigation increases, the number of patients here is also expected to increase rapidly. At the same time, a passenger was killed near Itarsi in a labor special train going from Bandra to Varanasi. He was going to Prayagraj.

The number of infected people reached 4790 till Friday night. Of these, there have been 122 patients in Indore, 2299, Bhopal 954, Ujjain 284, Jabalpur 168, Burhanpur. 240 have died and 2399 have been cured. The sampling on Thursday crossed the 100,000 mark in the state. So far, 1 lakh 273 people have been investigated. Of these, reports of 93 thousand 894 people have been received. About 4 thousand samples have been rejected. The remaining sample reports are yet to come.

There will be no remaining papers of class X, students will be passed
In Madhya Pradesh, the 10th standard papers of the Board of Secondary Education will not be held this year. Results will be prepared based on the marks of the papers of class 10. The papers which have not been done will now be written in front of them. The papers of 12th class will be left between 8 and 16 June. This announcement has been made by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan. The CM also said that from the start of lockdown from March 25 till the lockdown is over, any private school will be able to charge only tuition fees from the students, apart from this no other fees will be charged.

Guna: Pickup overturned, two killed
An accident occurred again in Guna on Saturday. The pickup carrying the workers overturned. Two laborers aboard died on the spot, while 12 laborers were injured. All the workers are said to be residents of UP.

Most sampling in BhopalSo far, 32 thousand 439 samples have been taken in Bhopal. In Indore, this number has reached 22 thousand 694. Sampling of 103.8 people per lakh population has been done in the state. Sampling has been done at 968 per lakh in Bhopal and 462.5 in Indore.

Thousands of expatriates are passing through Bhopal-Vidisha highway every day, who are traveling by trucks, putting their lives at risk in this way. Most of them are from UP-Bihar.

Survey and screening will now be held in the morning, sampling in the evening in the Containment area in Bhopal

The time table for health survey, screening and sampling has been changed in more than 200 containment areas of Bhopal. Now health survey and screening are being done in the morning here in the Containment Area. While the sampling of Corona suspects will take place in the evening. The decision has been taken as health workers worsen health due to heat.

Migrants can be seen passing through the Bhopal-Vidisha highway from morning to evening. These people from Maharashtra are going to UP and Bihar.

Indore: 31 positives found in one building

On Friday, 21 positives were found at the Mahant Complex, near the Malharganj police station. Earlier, 10 infected were found in this building. A total of 340 people live here. On the other hand, a report of a person in a Jain family with 40 members in New Palasia area is positive. 7 people have been found in Bijasan Nagar of Pardeshipura police station area and 5 in Kumharkhadi.

Local taxis of Mumbai are also seen on the Bhopal-Vidisha highway. People are going to UP-Bihar from them. Generally, these taxis are not allowed to operate outside Mumbai.

Corona updates

  • FIR registered for violation of quarantine: A couple from Mangalwara area of ​​Bhopal were quarantined home after sampling, but reached Ganjbasauda in Vidisha district. Later investigations found both to be infected. Now a case has been registered against them for risking the lives of others.
  • 4360 FIR registered in Bhopal in 54 days Bhopal Police has registered 4360 cases in 54 days in the city for violating lockdown. That is, on an average 80 cases per day. Cases have been registered against 130 people by monitoring with drone cameras. More than 370 people who have gone out of the house without a mask have been accused.
  • Death of corona suspect going from Gujarat to UP: Shivpuri Corona suspected laborer Amrit (24) died while undergoing treatment at the district hospital. He was admitted in unconscious condition on Saturday evening. He was a resident of Bandi Balas in Basti district of UP.

This picture is from Bhopal. The workers of UP-Bihar are traveling in more than capacity in trucks. This increases the risk of infection.
  • Jabalpur: A 55-year-old man who was going to Allahabad in a labor special train died in a moving train near Itarsi. The train was traveling from Mumbai's Bandra to Varanasi and was traveling with the family. Ghulam Ahmad Siddiqui, a resident of Prayagraj, suddenly deteriorated on his way, leading to his death.
  • Page: Another corona patient has emerged in the district. A young man from Ghat Simaria of Gunor in the district came from Delhi a few days ago. Administration has confirmed that the youth is positive. Now the number of infected patients in Panna has increased to two.
  • Umaria: A young man from Mumbai turned out to be Corona positive: a report of a young man from Mumbai in the district was found to be Corona positive. He is then admitted to the Kovid ward of the district hospital.
  • Betul: The corona report of 2 migrants resident of Tara village in Shahpur block of the district came out positive.
  • sea: A truck full of laborers overturned at Baxwaha on the border of Chhatarpur and Sagar districts, killing 5 and injuring 14. The injured were sent to the Banda Community Health Center for treatment. All these workers were going from Maharashtra to Uttar Pradesh.
  • Total infected patients 4790: Indore 2378, Bhopal 954, Ujjain 296, Jabalpur 175, Burhanpur 149, Khargone 99, Dhar 96, Khandwa 96, Raisen 65, Dewas 58 Mandsaur 60, Neemuch 50, Hoshangabad 37, Gwalior 48, Ratlam 28, Barwani 26, Morena 26, Sagar 18, Vidisha 14, Agramalwa 13, Bhind 16, Rewa 11, Shajapur 8, Satna 8, Jhabua 7, Chhindwara 5, Sehore 5, Sheopur 4, Sidhi 4, Alirajpur 3, Anuppur 3, Harda 3, Shahdol 3, Shivpuri 3 , Tikamgarh 5, Datia 3, Ashoknagar 2, Dindori 2, Betul 3, Guna 1, Mandla 1, Panna 1, Seoni 1, Damoh 1 and Umaria A patient.
  • 243 killed: Indore 99, Bhopal 35, Ujjain 47, Jabalpur 8, Burhanpur 9, Khargone 8, Dhar 2, Khandwa 8, Raisen 3, Dewas 7, Mandsaur 4, Neemuch 1, Hoshangabad 3, Gwalior 2, Sagar 1, Agramalwa 1, Shajapur 1 , 1 patient died in Satna 1, Chhindwara 1, Sehore 1, Ashoknagar.
  • Retrieved 2315: Indore 1100, Bhopal 525, Ujjain 146, Jabalpur 85, Burhanpur 14, Khargone 63, Dhar 69, Khandwa 38, Raisen 56, Dewas 20, Mandsaur 20, Neemuch 5, Hoshangabad 32, Gwalior 7, Ratlam 23, Barwani 26, Morena 20 , Sagar 5, Vidisha 13, Agarmalava 12, Rewa 1, Shajapur 7, Chhindwara 3, Sheopur 4, Alirajpur 3, Anuppur 3, Harda 3, Shahdol 3, Shivpuri 2, Tikamgarh 3, Dindori 1, Betul 1, and one in Dindori The patient was healthy. (According to the bulletin released at 8 pm on Saturday night)

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