Liberals happier than selfish people; One minute rule is good remedy for peace of mind; Every happy friend increases your happiness by 9%. | Liberals are happier than selfish people, one minute rule brings peace; Happy friend increases your happiness by 9%

  • Volunteering provides a relaxed mind, studies show that happiness can lead to aging
  • Being disorganized can also be a symptom of a serious illness, people who walk more are happy.
  • People who live among many happy people, their chances of being happy in the future increases.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 03:42 PM IST

Tara Parker Pope. Scientists have spent a lot of time trying to find out how and what happiness a person gets. It is only by happiness that the person is healthy or not. Only with happiness can you measure the betterment of life. If you are not happy, there are many ways to achieve it. Experts say that you can find happiness by making some changes in mind, relationships, work, money, happy life, home.

Brain roll is the most important

  • Defeat the bad thoughts- Everyone worries about bad experiences more than good. Learning of the bad and dangerous situations that we face helps us to face future crises.

  • Do not stop bad thoughts: When you tell yourself that I will not think about it, then you think more. Accept it when you are in a bad situation.
  • Treat yourself like a friend: When you feel bad, ask yourself what advice would you give to a friend if he is in trouble. Then apply that advice to yourself.
  • Challenge the bad thoughts: Socratic question method Through a process you can challenge and change bad thoughts. Studies show that it reduces the symptoms of metastatic depression. Its purpose is to remove you from bad thoughts.

control myself-

  • Beat the negativity Negative thoughts occur in everyone, but if we recognize and challenge them, then we are taking a step towards a happy life.
  • Control your breath Studies have found that breathing practice reduces your anxiety, sleep problems, stress symptoms. Yogis have been resorting to this method since centuries. They increase focus through pranayama and breath control. Lord Buddha also spoke of breath meditation.
  • Rewrite your story Writing about your experiences increases happiness. Some research suggests that writing a personal journal for 15 minutes improves happiness and health. Apart from this, you can rewrite that story by focusing on one challenge. We all have a story of our world, but sometimes the inner voice is not correct. We can change our perspective by writing and editing the story.
  • Keep going- People who get up and walk are happier than stationary people. A study tracked the movement and mood of cellphone users and found that people who are walking are happier. However, we do not know whether those who walk more are happy, or those who are happy walk more. But we know that health and happiness are maintained by walking.
  • Try to be optimistic Being optimistic does not mean that we ignore the real situation. An optimist takes the challenge as an expectation. It is always helpful to have positive thinking and live among positive people. Optimism can be contagious like pessimism, so spend time with optimistic people.

What to do at home?

  • Find Your Happy Place- Imagine a ladder. Write the lowest rung of this ladder as 0 and consider it the worst time. Write 10 at the top and think it great. Now realize what position you are standing on. This ladder is used to measure happiness all over the world.

  • The 10 Happiest Countries in the World-
Number Country
1 Finland
2 Denmark
3 Norway
4 The island
5 Netherlands
6 Switzerland
7 Sweden
8 New zealand
9 Canada
10 Austria

The countries that you expect to be happy are also better after not getting in the top 10. The US is 19th, France 24 and Japan 58. At the same time, the most desperate places on earth are the countries facing war. From the 2019 Happenas report we came to know that there are 6 variables like GDP, social support, expectation of healthy life, social freedom, generosity, corruption free, which make a difference in human happiness.

  • Choose a happy community The Night Foundation and Gallup interviewed 43 thousand people from 26 communities and found out why people are happy in the community.
  • Openness People are happier in a community where everyone is accepted.
  • Beauty: People live more happily by living in a place surrounded by trees, plants and beauty.
  • Chances: When opportunities to meet people in a community increase, happiness arises.

Spend time with nature Many studies show that people walking in a calm environment have good mental and physical health. People walking in nature have a calm mind. Some research suggests that looking at pictures of nature also improves mood. Apart from this, the rays of the sun also make a difference. Outside natural light helps to improve your mood.

Be organized Staying organized is good for your mind and body. Disorganized environment can also be a sign of a major health problem. For those who have gone through a trauma, cleaning is a difficult task. Stress, pain and misery make people disorganized. Such people can change themselves with the guidance of therapy and self-help books.

How to organize yourself-

  1. Fold things loosely.
  2. Keep only the things that make you happy.
  3. Throw away the trash.
  4. Keep all the clothes in one place and keep only those you like.
  5. Set the closet by color.
  6. Spend money on experiences and not on things.

Create one minute rule

Do any work completed in a minute. With the help of this rule, there will be prosperity in your life and you will be able to do any work in a short time. Some things you can do in a minute-

  1. Coat hanging
  2. Reply to email
  3. Form filling
  4. Remove magazine
  5. Letter reading


Studies show that your happiness is associated with the happiness of others. The Framingham Study, which began in 1948, tracked three generations. This study was designed to address the dangers of heart disease. Yale scientists decided to extract data to study happiness and social networks. The joy of changing over time was being tracked with the help of the study's structure. After getting the data, the researchers reached some conclusions of happiness –

1- The well-being of the people depends on the people associated with them.
2- A social network is a group of happy and unhappy people.
3- People who live among many happy people, their chances of being happy in the future increases.
4- Every happy friend increases your happiness by 9 percent.
5- Our happiness also increases by being among happy friends and family members.

  • Pleasure with Petes

Psychologists have made several experiments to explore the role of pets in our happiness. They found that people who keep pets are happier. The owners said that they get a lot of support from their pets. People who are much closer to animals have a deeper connection with humans.

  • You can be happy alone too-

Many people think that marriage brings happiness. It is good, but it is not that you are not happy if you are not married. In Germany, in a study done on 24 thousand people for 15 years, it was found that happiness increases slightly from marriage. However, it is also true that not all are the same. Some people were happy after marriage, some were unhappy. Overall, it is good for our happiness to improve social connections and relationships. But if you are not married or not happy with marriage, then you too can find happiness with friends.

Work and money

  • You cannot buy happiness with money Most of the time we think this thing can make us happy, but it is not. Studies show that happiness does not come from money or goods. Even those who win the lottery are happier than never. It is true that a poor man will not worry about eating after getting money and will be happy, but once he gets out of poverty, more money will not give him happiness.

  • Find the purpose at work- We keep complaining about our work, but it plays an important role in our happiness. We can find work that has meaning for us, but not all people can leave their work and join the charity. As a result, we have to find meaning in everyday work. Studies show that apart from our dream work, we can also be satisfied with other works. In the column 'Why You Hate Work' by Georgetown Assistant Professor Christine Porath and Chief Executive of The Energy Project, the jobs that make us happy include renewal, value, focus and purpose.
  • Buy time- Research from Harvard suggests that buying time-saving services reduces stress and increases happiness. A survey of more than 6 thousand people in America, Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands revealed that people who save time by spending money are more happy. Many times the rich are also unhappy about paying for meds, messenger and other services, but if you can do this then do it. This is the easiest way to be happy.

Happy life

  • Be Liberal Generosity makes people happy. Many studies show that people who are generous tend to be happier than selfish people. Only by thinking of doing good, our brain starts reacting to happiness. In New Zealand, in a series of experiments on 50 people, people were given some money for four weeks. Half of these people were asked to spend this money on themselves. At the same time, half the people were asked to spend this money on others. During this time, scientists started taking care of all their activities. Researchers found that liberal people were happier than selfish people.

  • Volunteer- Volunteering has many benefits, such as lower blood pressure and lower mortality. This increases your ability to come out of any trauma and misery. A study at Exeter University shows that volunteering is a recipe for happiness, which can increase your lifespan. Apart from this, it will also improve your years on earth. After reviewing 40 studies, it was found that voltiring provides less stress and satisfaction. 5 major studies on this subject show that 22 percent lower mortality rate was found in volunteers during the study.
  • Give yourself a break This is the time to give yourself a break and be sympathetic to ourselves. Those who were ahead in self-computation test showed less stress, nervousness, more happiness and more. He looked more optimistic. Psychologist Christine Neff Exercises at Texas University recommends those scoring low on the Self Computation Scale. These include writing letters for yourself, writing down your best and worst traits, telling yourself that there is no perfect. Apart from this, it is also a good option to pronounce things that inspire yourself by taking meditations and breaks. According to Doctor Neff, practice is needed to be better towards yourself.

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