Auraiya (Up) Accident Update; Migrant Workers Victims On After 24 Labourers Killed In Road Accident | The contractor used to be abusive when he asked for money; Sleeping on the truck, suddenly a loud sound came and buried under the sacks

  • 24 people died in road accident in Auraiya of Uttar Pradesh in the early hours of Saturday.
  • The injured were admitted to Auraiya District Hospital and Saifai Medical College

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 03:35 PM IST

Auraiya. The laborers buried under filthy clothes under lime bags were killed. Those injured with lime do not remember how this incident happened to them. Even after the death of 24 people, Siskiyan is not taking the name of freezing. If someone's child is injured, someone's partner is missing. When someone regained consciousness after 7 hours, it was found that there is a lot of pain in the bones. The injured have been admitted to Auraiya's District Hospital and Saifai PGI. Know, the story of the injured is spoken by the injured…

Shambhu, who was hospitalized, narrated his incident.
Shambhu, who was hospitalized, narrated her tragedy.

First story: The contractor used to abuse me for asking for money, so he escaped from Rajasthan
21-year-old Shambhu has to travel about 1400 km to go to his home in Jharkhand. He says- “Brother and parents live in Jharkhand.” In Rajasthan, I was working in a marble company for 2 years. Used to send home 4 to 5 thousand rupees from the salary of 8 thousand of the month, now that too is closed. When he asked for money from the contractor after the lockdown, he abused him, so it was considered appropriate to run away from Rajasthan. Just less than half the distance from Rajasthan to Auraiya and a terrible accident happened.

Shambhu says- “Bones are hurting. I just regained consciousness after the accident. Whatever was left over was being spent. When our partners were ready to come, we also agreed. We had left Rajasthan just two days ago. When he walked a hundred and a hundred km, the police caught him. The media people had come there, so after feeding us we were made to sit in the bus. We were removed before Jhansi. From there we and about 50 to 60 people rode this truck with us. “

“The truckman was also given money to reach Jharkhand.” Around 3 to 4 in the night, we were on the truck and the truck was standing, then a truck hit from behind and we got buried under the sacks. After this I do not remember. Just got conscious in the hospital. I had a companion next to the village, he could not see me anywhere. Now how to reach home next. What was a little too much is missing. ”

Dhananjay has an eye injury. They have also been admitted to the hospital.

Dhananjay has an eye injury. They have also been admitted to the hospital.

Second story: suddenly there was a loud sound and got buried under the sack of lime
Dhananjay, who came from Auraiya to Saifai Medical College, is tied with blood on his head. There is a mask on the face. Hands are bent due to pain. Said- “We were sleeping on the truck that suddenly a loud sound came. We were buried under lime sacks when my eyes opened. We were choking and we fainted. I work in Marble Company in Rajasthan. The work was stopped due to the lockdown. The money was also stopped. We first tried to leave in April, but we were not allowed to leave. The contractor was not listening to us, so now we had left to go to Jharkhand home. There is a mother and babu in the house. Now I am worried about how they will know. ”

The girl sitting on the lap of mother Kranti Devi.
Kranti Devi has her baby girl sitting on her lap.

Third Story: This mother has two children.
The baby girl sitting on the mother's lap is Sahmi. Mother is sobbing. Two of her children are injured and Saifai is admitted to PGI. Kranti Devi is sitting outside the hospital praying for the children. The family consists of a husband, brother-in-law and three children. The husband and brother-in-law are engaged in the child care. Kranti says- “Used to live in Delhi and have to go to Chhatarpur. We have reached Dal from Delhi to Ghaziabad. We were able to sit in the truck after huge delays on the way. Now my children are worried about what will happen to them. Kranti said that we were sleeping with children when that collision happened. We do not remember anything. When the eyes opened, we were safe. All three children fell side by side. Two children were bleeding. We were nervous but the police sent us all by ambulance to this hospital. “

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