Anand Mahindra endorses Indian Army's 'Tour of Duty' plans said, his group will consider those youths candidature who had trained under this scheme | Anand Mahindra supported the proposal to enlist youth in the army for 3 years, saying- the group will be happy to give them a job opportunity

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 11:27 PM IST

Anand Mahindra has supported the proposal of 'Tour of Duty' involving youth in the army for three years. Mahindra has sent an e-mail to the army headquarters in this regard. In it, he has written that I have come to know that the Army is considering a new proposal of tour of duty for the common citizens of the country.

Under this, the youth and fit citizens of the country will get an opportunity to get operational experience by joining the army as a soldier or officer on a voluntary basis.

Army experience will work for youth
Mahindra further wrote- I am sure that when people return to work after getting army training as a 'tour of duty', it will prove to be very beneficial for them. Due to the strict selection and training standards in the Army, the Mahindra Group will be happy to give the opportunity to the Mahindra Group jobs to the youth taking training here. What is tour of duty
After the implementation of this proposal, the common citizens of the country will get a chance to serve in the army for three years. After this, they can choose any other job of choice. The proposal is part of the Indian Army's efforts to woo talented youth. Initially, on a trial basis, the Army has proposed to include 100 officers and one thousand soldiers under it.

Youth will be eligible for Combat Roll

According to the proposal, youth who join the Army for 3 years under the Tour of Duty will be eligible for Combat Roll. There will be no restriction on their use. According to military sources, a study has been done within the army about this. It has revealed the fact that this will save crores of rupees to the army. Because the youth recruited through this scheme, like ordinary soldiers, will not have to pay gratuity, pension and leave encashment.

You can serve as an officer for 14 years through SSC.

Currently, the youth are recruited as officers in the army for 10 years through the Short Service Commission (SSC). It can be extended up to 14 years. Apart from this, there is also the option of permanent commission.

For the last few years, about 50 percent of the officers recruited through this scheme are being paid permanent commission. Despite this, the top army officers are reviewing the service conditions of the SSC to make it more attractive to the youth.

Paramilitary soldiers will also be able to join the army
The army is also considering giving paramilitary personnel a chance to work in the army for some time. An army source told news agency ANI that the Indian Army is considering a proposal called the 'inverse induction model', under which central paramilitary forces personnel can be given a chance to work in the army for some time. .

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