Know some facts about Criminal Pyare Miyan how he became So big Bhopal Madhya Pradesh | Ayyash dear Mian, the pole is being opened layer by layer, how can a minor journalist become so big?

Bhopal: Dear Mian is a name that is involved in many crimes, not one. 68-year-old Pyare Mian is reportedly a journalist but its actions are embarrassing. It has made many minors a victim of their lust.

Where did its journey begin?
There was a time when Mian was a minor compositor. He used to work in a printing press for a few rupees. A time came when Mian got a job in a big newspaper and after working for about 15 years, Mian started his own newspaper. Whose name was 'Afkaar' which was an Urdu newspaper.

Mian was a journalist by profession, but he was up and running in many political parties. He also had connections with big officials and newspaper owners. His cheerful style and Frank Nature helped him move forward, which he started taking advantage of.

How was Mian's pole open?
The matter is around 2 pm on July 2, when the patrolling police team found some minor girls roaming on the road. All were drunk. The police handed him over to the child help line. Where Mian's truth was revealed in his interrogation.

Mian also has connections with Pakistan
According to the information, all the people who have to get up and sit with Mian are connected to any terrorist organization or Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. The police suspect that Pyare Mian's connections are in the underworld as well. The police have investigated it.

Also involved in drugs business
Police had found evidence of Mian getting in touch with big drug mafias. Mian was also working for him.

The girls used to call it Abbu
Dear Mian has crossed all limits of shamelessness. It is said that he used to call Abbu himself from the girls he used to exploit. Mian had made complete arrangements to fulfill his wishes. Seeing which the police also got swayed. It provided liquor, dance bars and all kinds of pornography materials in its locations.

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Many crimes are registered in Mian's name. Whether it is raping minors or embezzling money. It has been found to be involved in every crime. Cases have been registered against it in many houses. Know what are the crimes?

Used to molest girls by drinking alcohol
He had a marriage hall located at Talaiya police station in Bhopal, where he used to invite cute girls to a party and give them liquor and then raped them. The Shivraj government demolished its hideout on the very next day of its opening.

He used to hunt only minor girls
About 7 minor girls have been accused of rape against Mian. Cases are registered in different sections of the Poxo law on this. A minor girl was brought to court on the day of the police's appearance.

Case registered under Wildlife Act too
Mian has also been booked under the Forestry Act. Mian is accused of illegally placing the horns of the courtesan. Sambhar's horns were seized from Pyare Mian's Ansal apartment flat. Those who were presented in the court.

Mian also accused of embezzlement of 60 lakhs
Mian had formed an e-block welfare society in the name of his family members. About which other people of the Society were not aware. The accused had installed the tower of Bharti Airtel Limited on the roof of the e-block of Ansal Apartment. From 2011 till present time Mian has acquired Rs 60 lakhs from Bharti Airtel Limited.

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