has you got income tax notice than do these things for replying it. Have you also received notice from Income Tax Department, then there is no reason to panic

New Delhi Most people get a notice from the Income Tax Department. With technology, now it has started coming on people's emails instead of registered letters. Although people are uncomfortable with the notice coming from the Income Tax Department, but do not panic by seeing this notice.

A taxpayer will no longer have to visit the Tax Office (IT Office) to answer the Income Tax notice. The government has started the National E Assessment System, giving relief to the taxpayer. The taxpayer can now reply to the income notice right from home.

After the introduction of the e-assessment system, no taxpayer will have to present himself personally in the income tax office.

You can get notice on
The reason for the tax notice may include not filing Income Tax Return (ITR) on time, calculation errors, not correctly reporting income or claiming excessive loss. If you have not filed your return by the deadline, in such a situation, you can get an automatic notification from the Income Tax Department. You get this notice before the end of the assessment year for which the return is due.

What should taxpayers do?
Taxpayers need to verify the information provided and verify it with the Income Tax Department. You will also have to file an answer on the income tax website. The response needs to be filed within the stipulated period which is generally 30 days from the issue of such notice to avoid automatic adjustment by the Income Tax Department.

Documentation ID number required on every communication
CBDT has said that before giving any information in the e-assessment system, it must be carefully checked. Document Identification Number (DIN) will be present in all communications and notices for e-assessment. By looking at the documents based on these numbers, it will be known who has issued them. This will record a record of every communication. Without this, any kind of communication will be considered wrong.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) launched DIN on October 1, 2019. Documentation identification number 17,500 numbers were generated on the very first day of launching the system.

They will not get benefit
According to the Income Tax Department, those people who have filed an Income Tax Return will not be included in the e-assessment system. Even those who do not have PAN card, will not be able to take advantage of this facility. It will also not include those cases on which the Income Tax Department has been raided due to tax fraud.

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