Bhopal News In Hindi: Neither investigation, nor screening, just 8 days later, the phone calls from the corporation – you have to put a quarantine notice. Neither investigation, nor screening, just 8 days later, the phone calls from the corporation – you have to put a quarantine notice

  • Case of incident with journalist of Dainik Bhaskar
  • Journalist went for reporting, police took general information
  • SDM said – it happened due to disturbances, will get it investigated

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 03:34 PM IST

Bhopal. On May 8, police stop two people getting out of the car at a checkpost near the Eleven Mile area. Both are asked name, address and work. The youth says that we live in Bhopal and work in the newspaper. Come here for reporting. This is our daily job. The police then take full information from both of them saying that doing this is part of the process. two

Days later, on May 10, Prashant Kumar Mishra, journalist of Dainik Bhaskar, received a call from the Corona Control Room. He was asked that you had gone eleven miles. He explains that yes, went for reporting. They are then asked to confirm the address, which they get done. On May 15, Prashant gets a call from the Municipal Corporation in the afternoon. Female employees talking on the phone say that they have to put a quarantine notice at your house. Prashant says why the quarantine is to be served. I am not quarantine at all.

The answer is that you went eleven miles, so you have to notice the quarantine. Prashant says that the talk is 8th and today it is 15th. I went for reporting. I am neither sick nor I was screened. Then why the Quarantine notice? That too 8 days later?

On this, the woman talking on the phone says that sir put an old date. Put 8 dates and put the notice today. We have received instructions from above, so it is necessary to do so. At this, Prashant gives him the address of the house.

The corporation's team placed the notice outside Prashant's house in the afternoon on 15 April.

On 15 May, the municipal team leaves outside Prashant's house with a notice. In which the quarantine period of May 8 to 21 has been reported. The entire society is stirred up after notice is taken. People start finding and calling Prashant suspicious of Corona. On the phone, people are saying that if you are a Corona suspect then why are you roaming outside the house. There is a board outside your house.

Prashant is unable to understand how Corona was suspected without investigation. Even if you agree, why did you notice after 8 days. In such a situation, if they were really suspicious, then in the last 8 days, they would have spread corona among so many people. The incident has raised questions over the entire quarantine process in Bhopal.

What do officers say?

CMHO Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari in this case Said that this has been done by the Municipal Corporation. The matter has been sent for investigation. At the same time, the zonal officer of the Municipal Corporation Rajbhan Tripathi said that according to the list that comes to us from the administration, we put up the board. We have no more role than this. SP (South) Sai Krishna Thota said that three of our staff in Misrod had come to the Corona suspect some time back. Only after that the details of the suspects were taken in that area, then they may have been taken for the same reason. He also spoke of speaking to the Misrod SDOP.

SDM Akash Shrivastava said that this work has been done due to disturbances. Why this happened, we get it checked. He informed that the list comes directly from the police to the Corona Control Room. Further action takes place from there. Confusion has been done in this case, we are investigating it. The notice will also be removed.

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