Top fashion brand Gucci launched stain effect jeans in 88 thousand rupees, netizens targeting price and idea as well | Top fashion brand introduced such jeans for 88 thousand rupees, flood of memes on social media

new Delhi: Luxury fashion brand Gucci has suffered badly for its new collection launch. The brand has launched ‘Stain Effect’ jeans and overalls dress in the new denim collection. It has an overall price of $ 1,400 (more than Rs 1 lakh).

At the same time, the price of jeans is $ 1,200 (more than 88 thousand rupees). It is part of the Winter Collection of the Garments brand and the company has on its official website as a ‘Specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect’ (specifically designed to give a stain effect) Have defined.

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It further states that jeans and overalls are ‘light blue colored organic denim with stain-like effects’. It also states that the process of their manufacturing is ‘respecting biodiversity and ecosystem’.

Twitter users targeted the brand fiercely about the denim having a stain effect near the knees. People not only mocked this idea but also commented on their prices. One user wrote, ‘Goochie has gone mad. I can get such grass-stained jeans for free from my garden ???? ‘.

Another user wrote, ‘Buy one of Gucci’s jeans or go out and buy 30 dollar jeans.’

Another user wrote, ‘So rich people can get the look of those who work without working hard.’

This is not the first time that Gucci is selling such used clothing look (Worn-looking) at such high prices. According to People magazine, in 2019 Gucci launched screen sneakers priced at $ 870. They were like ‘vintage sportsware’.

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