More than 59 thousand prisoners released from jails across the country; Maximum release on parole in Madhya Pradesh and on bail in UP | More than 59 thousand prisoners released from jails across the country; The maximum release in MP is on parole and on bail in UP

  • Reduced crowd in jellies during lockdown due to Carena epidemic
  • During this period, cases of domestic violence were also seen across the country.

Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar

May 16, 2020, 09:35 AM IST

new Delhi. Due to the Corona epidemic in jails across the country, 59,163 prisoners have been released during the 51-day lockdown in collaboration with the National Legal Service Authority (Nalsa) by the state governments. These prisoners have been released on bail and parole.

As per Nalsa report, the maximum number of prisoners in Madhya Pradesh were released on parole and bail in UP. According to the report prepared by Nalasa executive chairman Supreme Court Justice NV Ramana, 42,529 of the 59,163 prisoners released were under consideration. He was released on bail from the courts. The maximum of 9,977 prisoners have been released from UP.

At the same time, 16,391 such prisoners have been released who were convicted. He has also been released on parole. Madhya Pradesh has released the maximum number of prisoners on parole. Their number is 3,577. At the same time, 243 prisoners have also been granted bail under Section 436A of the CrPC.

People sought legal help in 727 cases of domestic violence

Domestic violence cases were also seen across the country during the lockdown. In order to provide legal help to such people, during the last 51 days, 727 people have sought legal help in domestic violence cases. These include providing legal assistance in 90% ie 658 cases through SLSA in various states.

Domestic violence and eviction complaints more than Uttarakhand
The Nalasa helpline received 727 complaints of domestic violence. The highest number of complaints came from the state of Uttarakhand, which was 141. At the same time 310 such cases were reported in which the landlord had threatened to evacuate the house. Such cases of intimidation also came the most from Uttarakhand. These were close to 201. All these were also given legal assistance.

800 complaints of not getting wages
In about 800 cases of assistance not being given to Corona wages, people have been reached. Legal assistance is being provided in this.

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