Hathras case CBI inquiry third day hearing in supreme court live update. Hathras case: third day of CBI investigation, important hearing in SC, know what will happen today

New Delhi / Hathras: Hathras Case There is an important hearing in the Supreme Court today. CJI S. The bench of three judges headed by A. Bobde will hear the case after 12 noon. The main point of the hearing is that the monitoring of the CBI investigation will be under the supervision of the Supreme Court or whether it is likely to be decided today. On the third day of the moon, the CBI can also interrogate the victim’s mother and sister-in-law to remove the curtain from many unresolved questions.

On Wednesday, the Uttar Pradesh government had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that it had provided adequate security at the victim’s village and home.

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CBI set up temporary office in Hathras
On the other hand, the CBI has stepped up the investigation of the Hathras case. CBI has made its temporary office in Hathras. The CBI can today interrogate the victim’s family (the victim’s mother and sister-in-law). Yesterday, both the brother and father of the victim were questioned by the CBI for about six and a half hours. According to sources, firstly different inquiries were made and then they were questioned face to face.

After questioning the victim’s family, the CBI will match the statement of the family to the complaint given to the police, the allegation being that the statement was changed repeatedly from the victim’s family. The CBI will proceed with the investigation of the allegations and complaints by interrogating the family members of the victim, the CBI first wants to ensure the initial status of the case by taking the statements of each party in a systematic manner.

CBI team can go to Aligarh
According to sources, a CBI team can go to Aligarh today. The CBI will inquire with the doctors of JNMC and inspect the emergency ward there. Yesterday, a CBI team visited Hathras Hospital where the victim was admitted. Hospital administration and doctors were questioned here.

Four accused will also be interrogated in jail
In the coming days, the CBI will go to jail and interrogate the four accused and if necessary, the accused can be taken to the crime scene through the court and can recycle the crime scene. CBI will also try to know how the accused carried out the incident.

It is noteworthy that the period of investigation of SIT team investigating Hathras scandal is being completed tomorrow. The SIT will now submit its investigation report to the government.

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