Indore News in Hindi: Indore Coronavirus News Updates; Residents Helps Needy Migrant Workers Amid Lockdown | Everything in the service of the laborer on the Indira Bypass … medicine, water, food, slippers, clothes, tea, milk, cold drinks, breakfast stall was also set up

  • On the Mumbai-Indore highway, the residents made a bypass house to serve the workers for 24 hours.
  • RSS service for Majdu Bharti kept food, namkeen, hot cakes, cucumber, onion, clothes and serving

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 07:48 AM IST

Indore. The incident of throwing stones at doctors at Tatapatti Bakhal may have hurt the heart, but it is not the identity of Indore. If you want to see Dildar Indore, Indore of humanity, Indore for help, then just walk on the highway (bypass) for a while. As soon as it came to know that lakhs of people are migrating from Maharashtra, then the city dwellers reached bypass to lay eyelashes. Many items are being distributed in breakfast including khichdi, tea, toas, biscuits, poha and jalebi, from lentils and rice, vegetable-poori, roti-sabzi to fruits and loo. Since Friday morning, fruit breakfast and khichdi stalls have been set up on the bypass. Cold water is also being given to those passing through it.

Indauri, wherever you are, take full care of cleanliness… Dustbin was first arranged while distributing watermelons on the bypass too. He was also advising people to put garbage in the dustbin.

Along with daily food, biscuits for children are also arranged

Public representatives along with the public are also engaged in the service of the people on the bypass pass. BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya has made all kinds of arrangements for the migrating people near the toll block. Food is being provided to workers daily by putting stalls here. Apart from this, arrangements have also been made for cold water bottle, sandal-shoes for the barefoot workers, fruits and biscuits for the children and the elderly.

Clippers, food have been arranged for all those who pass through the toll barrier.

Shoes and slippers too, so that the feet do not blister on foot

Congress leader Rameshwar Patel kept tractors to leave people till Shipra, making poha-jalebi in the morning, khichdi meal in the afternoon, sweet rice. Further, Atul Aggarwal Group of Rani Bagh was distributing food, biscuits, fruits and tea to the people. The car rider is distributing the water bottle of Sathiya. Mukul Baheti of Bhichouli masculine has set up a food, banana stall. Further, a food stall of Chandrasekhar Malviya-Vinod Biloria has been set up at Rameshwar Gudda Patel, Bhichauli Hafsi. Shoes and slippers should also be kept in it. Buttermilk and Lemonade in Simran Residency.

Support for barefooted footwear … Footwear has also been arranged on the bypass for the workers. Also clothes are being distributed.

Poha-jalebi, ORS, analgesic ointment and clothing too

Morning and evening meals for people at Sonwai Toll. In Pigdambar, the youths of Tillore have arranged for khichdi, watermelon, cold water, poha-jalebi. Several youths, including Sanjay Tanwar, Ankush Athawale, Lokesh Panchal, have placed poha, sandal-shoes, ORS, glucose, yellow ointment (painkillers) and cold water at the Rau Gol intersection. Further, the RSS service Bharti has kept food, namkeen, hotpot, cucumber, onion, clothes and serving-parmal. Further, Murtaza, Mustafa and Mustali, business friends of car rider Ranipura are giving water and biscuits to the people.

Poori, vegetables and sev were arranged in the stall for the workers.

Here Bhandara is operational for 24 hours, it is also necessary to take fruits along with food
New York City owner Arun Jain has opened a 24-hour bhandara. Taking fruits with food is mandatory. Many trucks split the melons and watermelons. Along with buttermilk, bananas, milk and biscuits for children. Maheshwari society is giving khichdi, fruits and chickpeas of gram and Rajgire for children in Tejaji Nagar. ORS, Jalajira and Electrol for Energy. Tea-Poha, Khichdi and Buttermilk on behalf of Sai Seva Samiti in Ralamandal. In Silver Spring, Seva Bharti has kept Rooh Afzah, all snacks and biscuits and syrup with food.

There is also slang for workers on the bypass.

Giving medicines to 500 people every day with tea and bread
In front of Omex City, some friends have arranged bread, tea and medicines together. Dr. MS Khan of a private hospital is giving medicines to the people in the morning and evening. Khan says that more than 500 workers are coming daily with complaints of water shortage, vomiting, diarrhea and fever. Pakistan's toes and tea stalls are also set up in Canada. Further credit.

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