Onion prices drop by up to Rs 10 / kg on govt action against hoarding, traders are opposing stock limit | Onion became strictly cheaper by the government, but businessmen were angry, know the reason

new Delhi: The effect of the government’s steps on the prices of onion has started showing. Retail prices of onion have come down by 10 rupees. Onion growing areas have also shown a trend of falling prices. Lasalgaon in Maharashtra, which is Asia’s largest wholesale market, onion wholesale prices have fallen by Rs 5 to Rs 51 per kg in just one day.

After all, onion became cheaper

According to government data, wholesale prices of onions in Chennai have fallen from Rs 76 to Rs 66 on October 23. Similarly, in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Bhopal, wholesale prices have come down from Rs 5-6 per kg to Rs 70, Rs 64 and Rs 40 per kg.

According to the figures, arrival of onion in Delhi’s Azadpur mandi has increased by 530 tonnes, while in Mumbai the arrival has increased to 1560 tonnes from 885 tonnes daily. Daily arrival in Chennai has increased from 1120 tonnes to 4000 tonnes and in Bangalore daily arrivals have increased from 2500 tonnes to 3,000 tonnes. Apart from this, daily arrival has also increased in Lucknow, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Pune and Amritsar. With the increase in arrivals, it is expected that onion prices may reduce further by Diwali.

The government has decided to take two necessary steps to curb the rising prices of onions. Explains about that.

Onion stock limit fixed

The government has also fixed the Onion Stock Limit. Under this, different stock limits have been set for wholesale and retail traders. The government has fixed the stock limit of onion for wholesalers at 25 metric tons and for retail traders by 2 metric tons. This stock limit will be effective from Friday 23 October till 31 December 2020.

Red onion will be imported

At the same time, the government has also issued an order to MMTC to import Onion Import. After getting the order, MMTC will soon issue a tender for this. The government says that due to export of 1.5 million tonnes of onions, there has been a shortage of onions across the country.

Nashik businessmen angry

But the steps taken by the central government to control the prices of onions have upset the onion traders in Nashik, Maharashtra. In Nashik, Maharashtra, onion traders have done little to buy onions today. In fact, the central government has fixed the stock limit of onion to control the wildly rising prices, according to which traders can keep only 25 tonnes of onions in the godowns. So that there is no hoarding of onion and the price does not increase due to shortage of onion in the market.

An onion trader in Nashik usually keeps 3000 tonnes of onions in his warehouse. While onion comes up to 30 tons in a truck. In such a situation, if onion is purchased by a truck on behalf of the merchant, then it violates the order of the government. Angry traders have decided not to buy onions.

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