Whatsapp payment service goes live in India, know how to use UPI payment service | Now send money with messages and videos on Whatsapp, know the complete process

new Delhi: So far you Whatsapp You have been sending messages, videos, photographs or documents, but now you can also transfer money to your near and dear ones through WhatsApp. The National Payment Corporation of India has approved the payment service to WhatsApp, after which the company has made the payment service live in India and people will be able to send money through WhatsApp.

Full payment process
So let’s say how you can pay with your WhatsApp. For this, first you have to update your WhatsApp. After this, you will have to create a WhatsApp Pay account.

How to create an account on WhatsApp
Go to the payment option on the three dot icon given in the top right on the screen of WhatsApp.
Tap on Add payment method in the option of Payments.
– After selecting the name of the bank, your mobile number linked to the bank will be verified.
– Its WhatsApp number and account link number should be both.
– After this verification will be completed and PIN will have to be generated by making UPI from payment settings.

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How to pay through WhatsApp
After creating an account on WhatsApp Pay, let’s now tell how you will pay or send money to someone through WhatsApp.

This is how to deal with WhatsApp
To transact with WhatsApp Pay, open the chat of the person to whom to send money and tap on the attachment icon.
After this, tap on Payment and enter the amount you want to send.
After this, enter UPI and then payment will be made. With this, you will also get a confirmation message.

Currently only 2 crore people will get the option
WhatsApp is currently used by 40 crore people in India, out of which only 2 crore people will get WhatsApp payment option. However, WhatsApp can gradually increase its subscriber count.


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