UAE announces relaxing of Islamic laws for personal freedoms, Unmarried couples can cohabitate | UAE changes Islamic laws, will be allowed to stay in live and drink alcohol

Dubai: United Arab Emirates (UAE) Has announced several major changes in the Islamic personal laws of the country, in which unmarried couples will be allowed to live together. Apart from this, according to the new laws, restrictions on alcohol have been relaxed and Honor Killing has been kept in the category of crime.

Steps taken towards new UAE
The UAE has expanded the scope of personal freedom with this change in Muslim personal laws. The UAE has given place to Western culture to attract tourists, foreign businessmen and industries. This is a step towards a new UAE. The reforms are aimed at boosting the country’s economic and social prestige and conveying to the world that the UAE is changing its mindset to join the global scenario.

Changes after agreement with Israel
The decision comes after the US-led agreement to normalize relations between the UAE and Israel. This will increase the influx of Israeli tourists into the UAE and open the way for investment in the UAE. The move to change the laws is also seen as an attempt by the emirate’s rulers to keep pace with the changing times.

Drinking and keeping discounts
According to the new laws, a person 21 years or above will not be fined for drinking, selling or possessing liquor. Liquors are widely available in beer bars and clubs in the UAE’s coastal cities, but previously people had to obtain licenses to buy, transport or store liquor in their homes. Now those people who were not licensed earlier, will also be allowed to drink alcohol.

No marriage couples allowed to live together
The new laws allow couples to live together without marriage, which has long been a serious crime category in the UAE. Although the administration used to be a little relaxed about foreigners staying in live, but there was a danger of punishment. Apart from this, suicide attempt is also prohibited in Islamic law, it will also be eradicated.

Honor Killing ranked by crime
In order to better protect the rights of women, the UAE government has changed the laws of protection from ‘honor crimes’, under which honor killing has been categorized as a crime. Previously, a man would have survived after attacking a woman relative only if he could prove that the woman was playing with the honor of the house.

UAE to host World Expo
These changes have been made at a time when the UAE is about to host the World Expo. This event will not only increase business activities, but will also have the movement of more than 25 million people and tourism will be encouraged after the damage caused by Corona virus.


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