north korean leader Kim Jong Un given experimental Coronavirus Vaccine | Kim Jong Un secretly engaged with family Corona Vaccine? Such is the condition of Kovid patients in the country

Pyongyang: Kim Jong Un, the ruler of North Korea, has left the Corona patients in the country on his own and first got himself and his family vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine. . Kim Jong Un and his family got this vaccine in the last two to three weeks.

Referring to a report by two intelligence sources from Japan, the news agency Reuters said that Kim Jong Un (Kim Jong Un) Apart from top officials of North Korea and Kim’s family also did this experimental The vaccine (Vaccine) is installed.

At the Center for the National Interest Think Tank in Washington, North Korea expert Harry Kazianis wrote an article on the website, stating that Kim Jong Un had got the vaccine. . However, it is not clear which company provided this vaccine and how safe it is.

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In this report it has also been claimed that China has provided this vaccine to North Korea. Quoting US medical scientist Peter J Hotez, Harry said that now three Chinese companies Corona vaccine (Corona Vaccine) is developing. These include the names of Synovac Biotech Limited, Cansinobio and Sinofram Group.

Talking about the number of corona patients in North Korea, no data has been released about this, but the people of the country are also suffering from starvation along with the corona. South Korea’s Intelligence Service NIS said that the case of Corona in North Korea cannot be denied because, the country’s trade with China goes on and people have been coming from before the border closed in January.

Let us know that the country had closed its borders to avoid the cases of Corona virus, but it is being said that the number of cases of Kovid 19 has increased here after a few cases.

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Some time ago a report said that Corona patients have been taken to a camp in North Korea and left to die of hunger.

Let us know that large population of the country is already facing poverty and due to Corona, the situation has become worse.

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