After covid-19 the pictures of social distancing around the world | Changes in the manner of social distancing of 6 feet, this distance between people feeling very strange | 6 feet are necessary distances or signs of helplessness, this distance between people feeling very strange

  • After the removal of the lockdown ban, the world started to return slowly, but there is fear in every heart.
  • Corona's fear is that people forget all the other signs and are only paying attention to social distancing marks

Dainik Bhaskar

May 17, 2020, 10:34 AM IST

The year 2020 came with such fanfare that people were saying that such a leap year comes once in centuries. But, now after its 137 days have passed, it is being thought that, whatever the year may be, it will pass quickly and never come back again. The reason is the same – coronavirus.

This virus has changed the picture and manner of the world in such a way that a magician can get someone to do something he wants to do.

The smallest unit of such a distance is a distance of 6 feet which will inevitably go with life. With the relaxation of the lockdown, unique marks of this 6 feet distance are coming in the world.

These marks are also of compulsion and compulsors too… pictures of these marks, a glimpse of creativity and helplessness in them.

Troubled by Corona, life in Britain is trying to get back on track. The expectation is on the vaccine of Oxford and in the hope that such marks have been printed on the streets in yellow. These marks are called pavement markers. London's Greenwich Park.

Singapore is also famous for its unique work culture and discipline in the world. These super connected countries and its global citizens are now feeling lonely. A picture of this supermarket showing this loneliness, with the help of tape, a distance of 6 feet has been made between the people standing.

The situation in Indonesia, the island nation, has not deteriorated yet, as water here has created a distance between people. People live on different islands and it is the water that connects them. But now, Karona is taking everyone away. Elevators of big buildings here now have the compulsion to go up and down on such marks.

Every city in Italy, famous for art and architects, has seen bad days due to Corona. If the chain of deaths has stopped a bit, then life is being stressed again, but now there are less closures and distances in it. The Corona virus is smiling in the papers on the seats in a meeting hall of the famous 16th century martyr Vicenza, as if to say – now meet the gap.

Before 2020, the scarlet cross mark was considered a death mark. Hardly anyone would have thought that such marks would be seen on the seats of a restaurant. While running, Hong Kong's breath stopped, such marks were made to make a gap in a restaurant there.

Corona has put life on the margins such that every moment barely cuts. Whether the wait is to get a vaccine or reach your loved ones safely, this wait is not over. Yes, its new names and marks are definitely seen in this round of waiting. At a bus stop in Thailand, such marks were made from paper to keep the gap between the seats.

People around the world may be returning to work after the lockdown was relaxed, but their minds are disturbed. There is a smoke It is also a fear of dying and of going to work. When people are returning to their offices, there is a strange isolation in the atmosphere and they are increasing it. New posters have been put up in which it is said that only two chairs are allowed in one room, do not apply more than this. The picture is of the office of a famous American firm.

To make the mark of social distancing, no surface is being seen now nor is it thought that people will believe it or not. In a crowded Delhi mall, these marks made by leaving two steps on the escalator stairs are saying that now it is sensible for Dilwals to keep distance in this city.

It may seem strange to see such marks in the washroom of a mall, office or public place, but now this is the truth. You cannot change things so soon, but the distance between people can be created by using the cross mark. These red marks, which were planted in the washroom of a Singapore building for a distance of 6 feet, are saying something similar.

This is an American form of fast food found on the road, in which people used to stand in front of food trucks and digest a lot of hot dogs, sandwiches, pizzas. But now it will be a bit difficult because a long line in the name of social distancing will reduce your hunger and yearning. The picture is from the Bay Area of ​​New Jersey.

There is stuff in the shop but not the place because social distancing has to be kept. In such a situation, the shopkeeper figured out this method and wrote requesting that we can serve you as much. Customers had to agree and stood for trolleys for hours. This picture of California State of America is now going to become a reality even further.

No one would have ever imagined such cones being used to handle playgrounds and traffic. The photo is of the Wisconsin State of America, where it was done to maintain social distancing in the State Presidential Primary Election. It is a different thing that 71 people became corona positive during this period.

In just 100 days, Corona has turned the direction of innovation in the world. The focus of the market and companies is on life-saving ideas and there is a demand for such products from which social distancing can be maintained. The picture is of a park in Italy where people sitting in the enclosure surrounded by fiber rackets made by the Centro Benzini Company.

Finally the picture of India. Such scenes are seen almost everywhere in the country. Expectations have remained imprisoned in white balls. Poverty, misfortune and compulsions were not reduced any more that Corona arrived. In these conditions of the country, it is good to hear the term social distancing, but when the ground truths come in front of it, then all understanding and discipline remains a stumbling block.

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