Woman takes her boyfriend to COURT for not marrying her after 8 years of dating | Boyfriend refused to marry, then girlfriend reached court, know what is the matter

New Delhi Wedding season is going on and almost everyday these days news of someone’s wedding is coming. Apart from marriage in marriage season, many couples do ring ceremonies with their partners. There are also many people who expect their partner to come to the proposal and are angry if they don’t. In the latest development, a woman has knocked the court of her boyfriend for not proposing even after dating for a long time.

Woman accused of wasting a time
A Zambian woman has filed a case against her boyfriend because he did not propose her for marriage even after 8 years of dating. In fact, the Zambian woman hoped that her boyfriend would propose her for the wedding, but the woman got angry and turned to court. In fact, a 28-year-old woman named Gertrude Ngoma had been dating Herbert Salaliki for 8 years but despite spending so long her boyfriend did not propose to pursue a relationship. . So the woman is very frustrated and reaches the court, the woman has accused her lover that she wasted almost a decade of her time by not offering him marriage proposal.

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Nagoma said, ‘Salaliki wasted a lot of her time by making many promises to her. He was never serious, that’s why I decided to go to court. Because I am eager to know about my future. Nagoma says that he doubted the loyalty of his boyfriend when he came to know that he also had a relationship with another woman. Something like Nagoma Herbert Salaliki is going on with another woman.

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The court gave this advice to the couple
The judge of the court has advised Nagoma and Salaliki that the court cannot do much in this matter, as the couple are not legally married, so resolve their differences among themselves. Please tell that this woman also has a child from her boyfriend.

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