Indore Bhopal (MP) Corona Cases Latest | Madhya Pradesh Coronavirus 4.0 News Update | Madhya Pradesh Corona Cases District-Wise Today; Indore Bhopal Ujjain Jabalpur Gwalior Burhanpur Latest News lockdown 4.0 | In lockdown-4, there will be strictness in the red and orange zones, the government is preparing to open offices and markets elsewhere.

  • Lockdown phase-4 guidelines may be released till late Sunday evening, the government will insist on following social distancing.
  • In phase-4, now the district with 80 percent of the total number of infected cases of the state will be kept under Red Zone.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 17, 2020, 11:41 AM IST

Bhopal. Today is the last day of the lockdown phase-3. Its fourth phase will start from Monday. The picture of its new form will be clear by late evening. It is being told that in the next phase of the lockdown, it will be the effort of the state government that people should face minimum trouble and make their life easier. In this, social distancing should be strictly followed in all the works that begin with it. People should take measures to protect themselves from infection. Phase-4 will have strict lockdown in the Red and Orange zones.

According to the proposal the state government has sent to the center regarding the lockdown, 33 percent of the staff will be called for online classes in schools, colleges and coaching centers operating outside the containment zone in Phase 4 starting May 18. Students will not be allowed to come. Private offices will be able to open with 33 percent staff, but will be allowed to open only if they are outside the Containment Zone. Registry offices will open, the registry will be able. Preparations are also on to open liquor shops outside the Containment Zone. But the final decision will be taken by the government. Currently, this suggestion has been made by the District Crisis Management Group.

This picture is of Sendhwa. Thousands of workers from Maharashtra to Bihar and UP are reaching here. These people are completing their journey to their homes by vehicles and on foot.

This proposal: What will be on, off and on for the Red Zone?

  • The scope of the Containment Zone will be increased to buffer.
  • No relaxation will be found in the content sector.
  • Construction work will not be able to be done in the Containment Zone.
  • Water parks, gyms, cinema halls, swimming pools, tourism spots will remain closed.
  • Religious sites, markets, educational institutions, schools, colleges, anganwadis will remain closed.
  • Local transport will remain closed.
  • Bike, private four wheeler will be exempt.
  • Home delivery of food will continue.
  • Private offices can be opened with 33% employees.
  • Government offices will be operational with 30% employees.
  • Shops will be open in other places besides the concentration area.
  • Hotels can be opened to stay outside the container area.
  • Construction work can be done outside the Containment Zone with 25 workers.
  • The crowded offices will be closed to the public.

For the Orange Zone…

  • For the red zone, the terms of the initial five points will remain the same, respectively.
  • The outside area will be relaxed by leaving the content area.
  • There will be no compulsion for the employment of workers in construction works.
  • Transportation to other places will be started, leaving the container area.
  • Transport will be available with social distancing.
  • Public transport will be started.
  • There will be a compulsion of 50 percent passengers in transport.
  • A decision can be taken to open a shopping mall.

For the Green Zone…

  • Activities will be completely normal.
  • Public transport will begin.
  • All shops and markets will open.
  • Shopping malls may open.
  • Water parks, gyms, cinema halls, swimming pools, tourism spots will remain closed.
  • Religious sites, markets, educational institutions, schools, colleges, anganwadis will remain closed.

Zone definition to be changed

  • The state government has also sent a proposal to the Center to change the definition of the zone. Under this, now the district with 80 percent of the total number of infected cases of the state will be kept under Red Zone. Accordingly, Indore, Bhopal and Ujjain will remain in the Red Zone in the state. If the container area comes under the municipal corporation, then the areas outside its boundary will be considered as Orange Zone.
  • Apart from this, the districts which have 20 or more cases. They will be called the Orange Zone. These include areas of Burhanpur, Jabalpur, Khargone, Dhar, Khandwa, Raisen, Dewas, Mandsaur, Neemuch, Hoshangabad, Gwalior, Ratlam, Barwani and Morena. Except the containment area of ​​these districts, other areas will be called Green Zone. Districts with less than 20 cases will be kept in green zone.

Know what will open in Bhopal, will it be closed

  • Private and government offices can be allowed to open in 6 sectors of the city with 33 per cent. But people living in the Containment Zone will not be allowed to come to office.
  • Infrastructure, construction activity will be allowed. In this, CPA, Municipal Corporation, PWD and private builders will be allowed to complete the old project. However, the conditions set by the government will remain in force for this. The workers will have to work on the construction site. There will be no approval to move from here.
  • Shops will be opened at different times in the market and complex. Its separate rules will be made.
  • Clothing shops and other commercial shops, which are likely to be more crowded, may be closed till May 30.
  • The CPA plans to allow the municipal corporation to maintain water supply, sewage, patchwork, park and garden maintenance.
  • Hotel and restaurant operators may be allowed to open shops for home delivery and Porsel supply.
  • It is mandatory for the workers and laborers working in these 6 sectors to be residents of that sector. Any employee or laborer outside the relevant sector will be barred from entering the other sector.
  • It will be mandatory for every employee and laborer to keep their voter ID and identity card.
  • People living in the hot spot area will not be allowed into the Green Zone. People living in 6 sectors will not be able to go to hot spots and containment areas. If found doing so, action can be taken against him.
A large number of truck laborers are going to Bihar and UP on the Bhopal-Vidisha highway. The workers in the truck are full.

Corona updates

  • sea ​​: A 40-year-old woman was also found corona infected at Sadar Bazar in the district. Who is from a family of two real brothers who were previously infected. So far, 19 Corona positives have been confirmed in the district. 5 of them have reached home after getting well.
  • Bhind: An 11-year-old boy was found corona positive in Abdulpur, Gohad. He came with family members from Ahmedabad. The number of corona positive patients increased to 17 in 9 days in the district.
  • Page: Another corona positive patient was found in the district today. This young man came from outside. He was kept at the Quarantine Center. Samples of the condition deteriorated and sent for investigation.
The laborers reached the station several hours in advance to reach Bilaspur by laborers special train on Saturday evening from Bhopal's Habibganj station.

Total infected patients 4790

Indore 2378, Bhopal 954, Ujjain 296, Jabalpur 175, Burhanpur 149, Khargone 99, Dhar 96, Khandwa 96, Raisen 65, Dewas 58 Mandsaur 60, Neemuch 50, Hoshangabad 37, Gwalior 48, Ratlam 28, Barwani 26, Morena 26, Sagar 18, Vidisha 14, Bhind 16, Agramalwa 13, Rewa 11, Shajapur 8, Satna 8, Jhabua 7, Tikamgarh, Chhindwara and Sehore 5-5, Sheopur and Sidhi 4-4, Alirajpur, Anuppur, Harda, Datia, Betul, Shahdol and Shivpuri 3-3, Ashoknagar and Dindori 2-2, Guna, Mandla, Panna, Seoni, Damoh and Umaria Not found a patient.

  • 243 killed: Indore 99, Bhopal 35, Ujjain 47, Burhanpur 9, Khandwa, Jabalpur and Khargone 8-8, Dewas 7, Mandsaur 4, Hoshangabad and Raisen 3-3, Gwalior and Dhar 2-2, Neemuch, Sagar, Agramalwa, Shajapur, Satna , Chhindwara, Sehore, one patient died in Ashoknagar.
  • Retrieved 2315: Indore 1100, Bhopal 525, Ujjain 146, Jabalpur 85, Dhar 69, Khargone 63, Raisen 56, Khandwa 38, Hoshangabad 32, Barwani 26, Ratlam 23, Morena, Dewas and Mandsaur 20-20, Burhanpur 14, Vidisha 13, Agramalawa 12 , One patient each in Shajapur and Gwalior 7-7, Neemuch and Sagar 5-5, Rewa 1, Sheopur 4, Chhindwara, Alirajpur, Anuppur, Tikamgarh, Harda and Shahdol 3-3, Shivpuri 2, Dindori, Betul and Dindori Happened. (According to the bulletin released at 8 pm on Saturday night)

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