Donald Trump Administration blacklists Xiaomi, US targeted for the purpose of protecting national security | Donald Trump gives another big blow to China on the go, these big companies including Xiaomi banned

Washington US President Donald Trump has taken many big decisions against China during the Corona period. Now before his term ends, he has taken another major action against China. The Trump administration has blacklisted Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi Corporation (Xiaomi). Apart from Xiaomi, the US has also blacklisted China’s third largest national company Offshore Oil Corporation.

US banned these Chinese companies

Let us know that this last week of Trump administration is going on and before that they have given a shock to China. The 10 Chinese companies blacklisted by the Trump government include Xiaomi and the government company Plain Manufacturing Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China. Apart from Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi, Cnooc in the US blacklist, most companies are in the aviation, aerospace, telecommunications, construction sectors. After this decision of the Trump government, American investors will have to get out of their investments in these companies. As a decision, the Trump government has given US investors up to November 11, 2021 to withdraw their stake from Chinese companies. Let us know that before this, America has also done this with the Chan tech giants Huawei and ZTE.

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Told threat to nation’s security

The US government has told the reason behind this decision is the security of the country. According to the Trump administration, these companies of China pose a threat to the country’s national security, due to which they have been banned. The Trump administration says that companies have been blacklisted in the Department of Defense for their links to the military. It is known that in December 2020, 60 Chinese companies were blacklisted by the US government. The Trump government has also banned 9 apps like cmsaccess, WeChat Pay, Alipay in the US.

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Xiaomi blacklisted, introduced

After this decision, Xiaomi said in a statement, ‘The company is not owned or controlled by the Chinese Army. The company says that it will take appropriate action to protect its interests.

Xiaomi had beaten Apple to become number one

For information, let us know that Beijing-based company Shamo beat Apple in terms of sales in the third quarter of 2020 last year. The company benefited greatly from the ban on Huawei in the US. When the US banned Huawei and Google’s essential services were discontinued on its smartphone, Xiaomi’s market value had increased and it became the third major company in terms of sales.


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