petrol diesel price today 22 January 2021 know your city Petrol diesel price by sms

new Delhi: Prices of Petrol (Prtrol Price) and Diesel Price are continuously increasing from the oil companies in the country. Petrol once again today. The price of diesel has increased. The price of diesel has increased by 23 to 27 paise. At the same time, the price of petrol has increased from 22 to 25 paise.

Where is the price

In the national capital Delhi, the price of petrol has crossed the level of Rs 85.45 per liter for the first time. According to the notification issued by the oil marketing companies, the prices of petrol and diesel have been increased once again. Petrol in Mumbai has been increased to Rs 92 per liter. With this, the prices of petrol and diesel in Mumbai are at a record high, diesel in Delhi was at Rs 75.45 per liter on October 4, 2018.

According to Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), the prices of one petrol and diesel in Delhi (Delhi), Mumbai (Mumbai), Kolkata (Kokata), and Chennai (Chennai) are as follows-

The price of diesel in Delhi is 75.65. Petrol costs Rs 85.45 per liter.
The price of diesel in Kolkata is 79.23. Petrol is Rs 86.87 per liter.
Diesel in Mumbai is 82.40 and petrol is Rs 92.04 per liter.
Petrol prices in Chennai have reached 88.07 and diesel is Rs 80.90 per liter.

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Know the price in your city from home

Now you can know the price of petrol and diesel in your city from home. Information about this has been given on the website of Indian Oil. According to this, you have to write RSP and your city code and send it to number 9224992249. After this, the price of diesel-petrol in your city will be received through SMS.

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