Bhopal News In Hindi: Helplessness, travel, burden, affection, care, responsibility, fatigue, courage, compassion, need, instability, migration, belonging and trouble. 15 photos showing mothering, responsibility and encouragement amidst helplessness, instability, migration and trouble

Dainik Bhaskar

May 17, 2020, 09:33 AM IST

Bhopal. Today, if not tomorrow, the horrors of Corona will subside, but many questions will be left behind, the question why no one cared about the innocents trapped in the lockdown, why was the forced exodus forced? In the endless journey, why thousands of steps stopped before reaching the destination, why the innocent became burdened before time. Why did the children of dying mothers not get rid of Mamta, why no one cared for the laborers living in poverty. Why the responsibilities did not make it an important responsibility, why there was no desire to keep going even after being constantly tired and tired. Why they were overwhelmed in front of helplessness, why no one had compassion for them. Why left them alone on the need, why there was sudden instability in the world. Why did you have to face the pain of migration, why there was no bonding in relationships even during difficult times, and after all why this trouble broke down on the poor. 15 such pictures questioning the system …

Home is very difficult

Balram Singh Yadav, a resident of Balrampur, UP, along with eight comrades, came to visit Mount Abu on March 16-17, but was caught in lockdown. If his feet were sore due to continuous walking, tore his shirt and tied it. Other migrant laborers are also in the same situation. Many laborers have left home on their way to Jugaad's car.

Fogging of pesticide on the mouth

The migrant laborers returning home in lockdown are facing new problems every day. Hundreds of migrants were deposited in a garden in Sector-25, Panipat a day before. During this time, the administration made the pyrethrum (pesticide) fogging by the administration to kill the mosquito, but the fogging machine operated the machine on their mouths without removing the workers. An employee of the Malaria Department said that fogging on someone with this drug is extremely fatal. This can cause respiratory problems. Even a healthy person suffers from fogging. Photo: Naveen Mishra

Compulsion to go to village only after 15 days of Caesarean

While the hospital does not even discharge the mother for 10 days after the cesarean delivery, the situation forced a mother to leave the city to go to the village to raise a 15-day-old baby before the completion of a quarter of a month. The mother's own condition is such that she cannot even sit on the ground, but for the sake of children, the mother agreed to bear everything. When it was difficult to sit on the ground with 15-day-old Ayesha in the lap, the police showed their humanity, placed the woman on the chair, gave them water and asked to eat.

Employment locks, food cravings, foot blisters ….

Migrant laborers have become poor due to the situation and luck. Hundreds of migrants have joined this cycle with this helplessness. By covering household goods and loved ones on a broken bicycle, they are traveling every day for hundreds of kilometers on foot. They just have to keep going. Sleeping innocent child riding a bicycle. He did not need shade and fan to sleep in this sun.

Farz: This is father, no government …

Neither the return of the laborers home is stopping nor the stories of pain and sorrow associated with them. One such picture has come in front of the father, who traveled 1200 km from Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh to his home in Chhattisgarh. There was no option but to return home when he was severed from work in the lockdown. The journey is long and extremely difficult. They also have two daughters together. How can their little steps measure this distance? The government may forget but how can a father forget his duty. The father made such a kavad for daughters. Now both daughters are traveling home in the shadow of father.

Seen the world in 18 days

This girl was born 18 days before the lockdown. But in this short time he came to know how hard life is. The child's father worked as a laborer. Due to the closure of work, there was a crisis of food in the house Mother Neetu Devi on Saturday afternoon took the girl in the lap of 40 degree temperature, 7 km from Jind's Vishwakarma Colony. On reaching the Government PG College on foot, he was lucky to eat. The message of this family living in Azamgarh, UP has now sent the message of sending home, but the bus will have to wait for 24 hours.

Mother! When will you get home …

This picture is of Bhopal bypass. If the mini truck of laborers going from Maharashtra to Uttar Pradesh stopped here, the four-year-old girl sitting on her mother's lap in the scorching sun kept asking this – mother! When will you reach home?

Innocent childhood on the heartless journey back home

These pictures are from Bhopal and surrounding areas. This childhood is also traveling with its laborer-forced parents. Their innocent eyes ask all the time, is it so difficult to return home?

Does not sleep

The family is returning to their home from Gujarat from Bihar after packing essential household items on their bikes. A child of about five years old is sitting on a bike almost tank. The journey is long… if you sleep, then put your head on the bag and fell asleep.

Such helplessness … same pair of slippers near mother-daughter

These mother-daughter, who came out of Ajmer to Madhya Pradesh's Panna, have nothing but courage and hope. In the 750 km long journey, the mother-daughter have only one pair of slippers, which they wear interchangeably. Due to fear of breaking the sandal, they are keeping many km slippers in hand.

This innocent just had a mother …

In Chhatarpur, 6 people died due to the overturning of a textile truck. In this, the Uttar Pradesh doll also died on the spot. 5-year-old daughter Alia is seriously injured. The 2-year-old son sat near the dead body. Her father also died 6 months ago.

Netaji, what would you do if a child in your family was suffering without milk and food?

The migrants who have reached Zirakpur (Punjab) to catch a train to go home, have to eat food. With no money, they are not able to arrange food. On Saturday, when some people from an organization reached Singpura bus stand to distribute biscuits, dozens of hands got up for each biscuit, while some small children were seen walking barefoot in the scorching sun.

Run of helplessness

AIIMS project in Bathinda has stalled. Here the workers of West Bengal are demanding a train after going home to the people of Bihar and Jharkhand. When the police went to understand the workers who were creating ruckus on the demand of going home, they threw stones at the police. When the police acted strictly, the protesting workers were seen running away. Photo: Ashwini Kaka

Life on a stretcher…

These are Pawan Devi and Chandan Kumar of Bihar Samastipur. Both the sandalwood kidneys are defective. They are on dialysis. PGI came to get the transplant done. The operation was supposed to be a lockdown. Took shelter at PGI's Rotary inn with a five-year-old son. There are two dialysis a week. One day, Chandan slipped and fell and broke his leg. Auto-rickshaw is all closed due to lockdown. Sandalwood can no longer walk, so Pawan Devi took a stretcher from the inn and left for Nayagaon to get her husband dialysis.

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