large iceberg about size of greater london breaks at antarctica, details from british antarctic survey | Global Warming Alert! Antarctica’s broken iceberg of equal size to Greater London

New Delhi: Antarctica has once again brought worrying news. The news of a massive iceberg break has been reported from this pole of the earth. According to the British Antarctic Survey, the size of this iceberg is 1270 square kilometers. Talking about the area, its size is equal to Greater London or New York City of America.

Apprehension was foreseen

It is being told that the iceberg was separated due to the process of calving. Cracks were also seen earlier in this area. Footage of large cracks had already been found in the Brunt Ice Shelf of Antarctica. Due to this, the possibility of its breakdown was already being expressed. After breaking such a big part, the attention of the world has gone to it. According to global discussions, this case of iceberg breakup may be related to global warming.

Rapid crack

According to the British Antarctic Survey Director and Professor Dame Jane Francis, scientists were working here with the help of GPS devices and satellites on a regular basis. The crevice in the iceberg increased much earlier on Friday morning, when the iceberg broke completely. It has also been told by the institute that due to climate change i.e. global warming, such icebergs often break and fall in the ocean.

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According to the British Antarctic Survey, on the morning of 26 February, there was a crack on the surface of the Antarctic, then it broke away from the floating ice rock. Only after that the giant iceberg was formed. It is being told that every day since January, it was diverging from its surface at a speed of about 1 km. The first indication of this was found in November 2020. This iceberg is broken near the British Research Station. However, it is being said that it has not damaged the research station.

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