If it is difficult to stand in the queue in 38 degree sunlight, then put the bag in the line, 1500 workers are engaged in the line for the bus from four o'clock in the morning. | If it was difficult to stand in queue at 40 ° temperature, then put the bag in the line, 1500 workers engaged in the line for the bus from four o'clock in the morning.

  • Mohammed Raju of Banaras said- I had filled the form to go by train on the website of both UP and Maharashtra, when the name did not come out, I got out of the bus to go to the village.
  • Complaint of Manish Chaurasia- We have a few Nai Ba of Khay Pyi near Logan, here I am suffering from hunger and death

Vinod Yadav and Manisha Bhalla from Kharegaon Toll Block

May 17, 2020, 03:44 PM IST

Mumbai. Dainik Bhaskar's Journalist has gone from Bombay to Banaras. On the same route from where millions of people have started walking towards their villages. Barefoot, on foot, on bicycles, on trucks, and in vehicles. In any case, they want to go home, after all in difficult times, we go home only. We are bringing alive stories of those paths to you. Keep reading…

Kharegaon toll is on Nashik highway. There is a crowd of around 1500-2000 migrant laborers here on Sunday afternoon. It is difficult to stand in the sun, so the workers line the bags.

First Report:

This is Thane's first stop on the Nashik highway, Kharegaon Toll. It is midday, there is a crowd of about 1500-2000 migrant laborers. Anju of Rudrapur is standing in queue with two young children from five in the morning. She says, “If you leave now then you will definitely go, no matter how you go.” Sanjay, who is queuing up to go to Pratapgarh, says, “If the bus is not found, we will walk.” . It seems in front of their belief that the length of roads has been reduced.

From this place, the Maharashtra government is leaving them to the border, from where these people will go to their respective states. They were in line from 4 o'clock in the morning and till 12 o'clock in the afternoon none of them knew who would go and who would not. Obviously not all will be able to go.

Santosh Kumar used to work as a mechanic. The rent was Rs 1500 in Kalwa, Mumbai, but he could not pay the rent for two months. Dudhamuhe is standing in line with 9-month-old children. He says that our trick someone told that buses are going from here, so we came. Santosh has to go to Bhadoi with wife and two children. His wife is feeding her second child.

Sitting in a black sari, this woman is Santosh's wife. She says that the children are small but ours, whatever they may be, will take them.

The highest number of people engaged in the line at this block are from Jaunpur, Bhadoi and Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Sanjay, who has been in the line from seven in the morning to go to Pratapgarh, says that at least he will not go hungry after going to Pratapgarh. Sanjay told that if the bus is not found from here, he will walk with his family to Pratapgarh.

However, there is no problem of drinking their food. People are arranging for food and drinking water. Shakir, who arranges for food every day, is telling that buses are still there, but as soon as it is evening, people will start walking. Here trucks will be parked which charge arbitrary money from people.

It is here that we found Tejuram Jaiswal, Satyadhama and Chandrabhan, who left for Azamgarh in UP by bus. Tejuram said, 'I live in Bhandup in Mumbai, Azamgarh is my home. Business is closed, I sat and ate for two months, but now the work is less likely to start again, so I am going to the village.

‘Hum Logan has some heroines of Khay Pyi. Here came the famine of hungry death, is it curry? ' Sachin Chaurasia has gone to Shahganj in Jaunpur district in 40 degree heat and hard sunlight. Sachin used to work in a wholesale shop in Kandivali area of ​​Mumbai. But now the shop is closed, they have no choice but to go to the village.

At Tolnake itself, we got Mohammed Raju, a native of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's parliamentary constituency. Said, I had filled the form on the state government website of both UP and Maharashtra to go by train. But when the name did not come anywhere, I got out of the bus to go to the village.

A large number of people from UP-Bihar are reaching the borders of Madhya Pradesh by Maharashtra government buses. A list of the names of these people is prepared at Kharegaon depot. After this, people are taken to the border of Madhya Pradesh by sitting in the bus of ST.

A government official posted at Kharegaon depot said that 11 buses are being left daily from Kharegaon Nak. Similarly, around 16 buses are being left daily from the nearby depots. A bus accommodates about 20-22 people.

We found some people from Sanman Society at Kharegaon toll block. All of them are from middle class Marathi speaking family. Those who have collected food items like water, biscuits, casserole, collected 20 thousand rupees.

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