DGCA issues covid guidelines for air passengers during travel | These mistakes will be huge in air travel, they will be taken off the flight immediately, know the new rules

New Delhi: Air Travel Guidelines: If you are going to travel by air recently, then you will have to follow some rules strictly, otherwise you can also be taken off the flight. Actually, in view of the increasing cases of Corona, the DGCA had issued new rules for the passengers traveling by air. Now, along with booking the air tickets, an e-copy of the Kovid protocol will be sent to the passengers from the airlines. Which will be very important to follow.

DGCA guidelines released

On March 13, the Director General of Civil Aviation DGCA issued this order to all airlines. The Kovid protocol that will be sent by the airline will have to be followed during the Arrival, Departure and the journey. The DGCA says that if any negligence was found in wearing masks inside the aircraft or if the mask was not worn properly, Corona’s other guidelines were not followed then it would be taken off the aircraft.

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It is necessary to wear a mask at all times

It has been clearly stated in the new order that it will be mandatory to keep a mask on from the time of entering the airport and during the journey to and from the airport. The nose and mouth should be completely covered by the mask. The CISF and other police personnel will be deployed to check this. If a passenger violates the protocol despite repeated warnings, then the passenger will be considered as ‘Unruly Passenger’.

Passenger will be added to No Fly List

In a second order that came a few days ago, the DGCA said that air travelers who do not wear face masks during the flight will be put on the ‘No Fly List’ for further trips. That is, passengers will not be able to travel on the plane. If one such airline does it, then the rest of the airlines will also put that passenger on the no fly list.

Delhi High Court ordered

The DGCA’s order came after the Delhi High Court’s order dated 8 March 2021. Actually, Justice C Hari Shankar was coming to Delhi from Kolkata on 5 March on an Air India flight. During this time, he found that social distancing is not being followed within the flight and at the airport. Travelers are not wearing masks, and airlines are also slowing down the Kovid protocol. The Delhi High Court had then ordered that the Kovid protocol should be better followed during the journey.

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