Finance Minister Sitharaman said with folded hands to Sonia Gandhi – opposition should not do politics on this issue, should understand responsibility | Bolin- Rahul was wasting his time talking to the workers; With folded hands, said- Sonia understand responsibility

  • Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said- Opposition should work together instead of doing politics on the issue of migrant laborers
  • Rahul Gandhi was sitting with the laborers in Delhi yesterday, Sitharaman said on this – this is drama, it would have been better if they had walked with the workers

Dainik Bhaskar

May 17, 2020, 06:00 PM IST

new Delhi. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman held the last press conference on Sunday as part of the Self-Reliant India Campaign. During this time, he surrounded the opposition on the issue of workers' homecoming. He said that the opposition should work together instead of doing politics on the migrant issue. I appeal to Sonia Gandhi with folded hands not to do politics on this issue.

The Finance Minister said that we are taking the migrants to the homes by putting them on the train, arranging their food. In states where the Congress governments or their allies' governments send more migrants home by inviting more trains and giving them more facilities. During this, he joined hands twice while talking on the workers' homecoming issue and appealed to the opposition to work together.

Without asking Rahul's name – are they not drummers?
The finance minister targeted Rahul Gandhi without being named. He said, “When the migrants are going on foot, it would be better to walk with their children or their suitcases instead of talking with them. I can say this with sadness, even while I can say it comfortably. Congress can Why don't the states with governments ask for more trains. I am saying in the words of Congress that the Congress is drumming every day. Tomorrow sit on the way with the migrants Is this the time to talk about the tax, is it time to do it? Aren't they the drummers? Actually, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi came to Delhi on Saturday to meet the migrant laborers near Sukhdev Vihar. “'

I am asking Sonia Gandhi to give a responsible statement on the issue of migrants'
Nirmala Sitharaman said, “I would like to say with humility to the opposition that we have to work together on the issue of migrants. People all over the country are sadly talking about what has happened to the migrants.” When we are taking steps together with so many states, then what is this way? It is showing that the migrants in their states are getting all the facilities and not the rest. I am meeting with folded hands, asking Congress President Sonia Gandhi to make a statement on the issue of migrants responsibly, deal with the matter responsibly. I am sorry. “

'Rahul met the migrant laborers on Saturday

Rahul Gandhi met the migrant laborers near Sukhdev Vihar flyover in Delhi on Saturday. Devendra, going to his house, told that Rahul knew the condition of the laborers for about 30 minutes. Gave masks, food and water. He called for the workers by speaking to the workers and said that with them all of you will be brought home.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi arrived in Delhi on Saturday to meet the migrant laborers near Sukhdev Vihar.

Rahul had said on the workers – it is our responsibility to protect them on the streets
Rahul Gandhi also held a press conference on Sunday. In this, he said that this is not the time to blame anyone. Today, the country has a big problem that we have to solve. The matter of laborers is very challenging. It is our responsibility to help and protect those who are on the roads. Money has to be sent directly to their pockets. No more difficult time will come in his life. We have to make them feel that we are with them and will not let their respect be diminished.

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