Seven persons Commit Suicide within 24 hours in Noida | Noida: 7 people gave their lives in different places in 24 hours, but the cause of death was common

Noida: In the last 24 hours in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida, adjacent to Delhi, 7 people gave their lives. All these cases are different from each other, and belong to different police station areas. Experts are surprised by the death of 7 people within just 24 hours. He says that because of not being able to cope with the growing problems in metropolitan life, people are taking suicidal steps.

Matters related to mental stress?

Noida administration is surprised by the number of suicides coming together. All these matters are completely different. And belong to different areas. But the thing which is one in all, is the coming out of things related to mental stress. Police say that they are investigating from all angles. These cases of suicide include the names of Tabrez Khan, Dharmendra Mishra, Geeta Devi, Prakash Halder, Parthvi Chandra Bhima.

Increasing epidemic of suicide in India

The surprising thing is that the suicide rate in India is more than 60 percent of the global average. The number of mentally ill people in the country is increasing. However, it is a matter of surprise that why mental health of people in India is poor? The World Health Organization’s 2018 report had one thing special – that the suicide rate was much lower in countries where people are being devastated by war, but more in countries that are lower middle class and for development. Living a life of stress and depression. Somewhere in India too, the catastrophe of urban life is getting pushed into depression.

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Family matters falling heavily?

According to the old figures of NCRB, in about 32.4 percent cases, people ended their lives due to family problems, while 17.1 percent people took the dreadful decision due to illness. At the same time, 5.5 percent people took such a step due to marital problems and 4.5 percent people gave up on love affairs. Due to the suicide of about two percent people, unemployment and exams failed. 5.6 percent people lost their lives by getting caught in drug addiction.

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