Priority should be given to work from home, sanitizer in office; It is necessary to cover face in public places and office | No more than 5 people will be able to go to the shops at one time, must keep 2 yards; Work from home has to be preferred

  • Spitting in public places and offices is a punishable offense, doing so will result in a fine
  • Not more than 50 people can attend the wedding ceremonies and 20 in the funeral.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 17, 2020, 09:08 PM IST

new Delhi.. The government has announced the extension of lockdown for the fourth time. This will be applicable from 18 to 31 May. For this, the government has also issued new guidelines. According to this, 50 people will not be able to attend the wedding ceremonies and more than 20 people in the last rites. Wearing masks will be mandatory in public places and offices.

According to the guidelines, the government has banned the consumption of alcohol, gutkha, paan and tobacco in public places. No shop will be able to have more than 5 people present at the same time. Two yards will be mandatory between them. As much as possible, work from home has to be prioritized.

Center guidelines regarding Kovid-19

  • Masks are necessary in all public places and offices.
  • Spitting in public place and workplace is a punishable offense. Fines will be imposed on doing so.
  • Social distancing must be followed at all places.
  • Can not consume betel leaf, gutkha and tobacco in public places.
  • Only five customers will be able to come outside the shops at a time and a distance of six feet (two yards) will be required between them.
  • It will be necessary to keep thermal scanning, handwash and sanitizer at all entry and exit points in common places.
  • Wherever there are touch points in offices, they will have to be sanitized from time to time. Such as door handles, chairs etc.
  • All employees in offices also have to follow social distancing.

Guidelines issued by the government

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