Nirmala Sitharaman News | Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Relief Package Announcements Press Conference Today Details Live Updates | The Finance Minister made 11 announcements in one hour and 17 minutes, but in 7 it is not clear when to apply; 1 lakh crore for farming

  • Saffron in Kashmir, Mango in UP, Bamboo in Northeast, Mirchi in Andhra, Help for promotion of Makhana cultivation in Bihar, Corridor of medicinal plants along Ganga will become
  • Farmers should be able to do risk-free farming and before planting the crop, know how much they will get for it, arrangements will be made

Dainik Bhaskar

May 15, 2020, 10:58 PM IST

new Delhi. Sitharaman came for the third consecutive day and went on telling the plans for the self-sufficient India campaign. The Finance Minister spoke for one hour and 17 minutes on Friday and made 11 announcements during this period. There were farmers in the center. 8 announcements were about them. Especially about the farming infrastructure and logistics.

Three declarations were related to governance. When 7 of these 11 announcements came into force, some were not cleared. In three days, i.e. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday together, the Finance Minister has spoken 4 hours 21 minutes. And it has made 35 announcements in the meantime.

According to the current situation, it seems that the Finance Minister will also come on Saturday. Because till now the calculation of 20 lakh crores has not been completed. The Prime Minister had spoken. Two lakh crore rupees are still left. Today's announcements, then understand on the same 4 basic basis that what will be received, who will be received, how will we be received and when will we be able to get a call…

1. Fund of 1 Lakh Crore for Agriculture Infrastructure

What will be getting: Financing of 1 lakh crore rupees will be done to strengthen 'Farm Gate' facilities like harvesting, cold chain, storage center.

Who will get: This assistance will be provided to the Agricultural Infrastructure, Primary Agricultural Co-operative Society and Farm Start-ups.
How to get: This money will be available through short term loan.
When will you get: The government says that this fund will be created immediately.

2. 10 thousand crore rupees for micro food enterprise
What will be getting:
In keeping with the slogan of Vocal for Local, assistance of Rs 10,000 crore will be provided to the micro food enterprise so that they can do branding and marketing keeping food standners in mind.
Who will get: 2 lakh such units will benefit from this. Be it Saffron in Kashmir, Mango in Uttar Pradesh, Bamboo in Northeast, Mirchi in Andhra Pradesh or Makhana in Bihar, such enterprises will be helped.
How to get: This assistance will be provided through Agricultural Produce Institutions, Self Help Groups and Cooperatives.
When will you get: The government has not yet cleared this.

3. 20 thousand crores to promote fish farming
What will be getting
: 20 thousand crore rupees will be provided through Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana. In this, 11 thousand crore rupees will be given for fisheries and 9 thousand crore rupees to strengthen basic facilities.
Who will get: This scheme is for fishermen to help them in fisheries. Island states, Himalayan states, the Northeast and the districts leading in fisheries will get this help.
How to get: Money will be spent on basic facilities like mandis, harbors and cold chains. 55 lakh people will get employment. Export of 1 lakh crore rupees will be possible.
When will you get: The government hopes that in 5 years more fish farming will be done in 5 years.

4. 13 thousand 343 crores for vaccination of animals
What will be getting
: Cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats, pigs will be vaccinated. 13 thousand 343 crore will be spent on this.
Who will get: 53 crore animals will get these vaccines. The government will help those who raise them.
How to get: Animals that are reared do not have mouth and hoof diseases, vaccines will be given for this. So far 1.5 crore cow-buffalo have been vaccinated.
When will you get: The government has not yet cleared it.

5.15 thousand crore rupees for infrastructure in animal husbandry sector
What will be getting
: Infrastructure for animal husbandry centers to be built. It will cost 15 thousand crores.
Who will get: Those who run the dairy. With this money, the processing industry will be set up for milk. Private investment will be possible in the dairy sector.
How to get: Infrastructure to be built for keeping animals. Money will also be used for local markets and exports. If you want to export then you will get incentive for the plant.
When will you get: The government has not yet cleared it.

6. 4 thousand crores for medicinal plants
What will be getting
: 4 thousand crore rupees will be spent for herbal products.
Who will get: Farmers who cultivate medicinal plant will benefit. 10 lakh hectare, that is, about 25 lakh acres will be cultivated.
How to get: Farmers will have an income of 5 thousand crores on doing this farming. Money will be spent on regional mandis. There will be a campaign to plant medicinal plants along the Ganges. An 800-hectare corridor of such plants will be built along the Ganges.
When will you get: It will cost money in the next two years.

7. 500 crores for bee keepers
What will be getting
: Beekeeping will cost 500 crores. The supply of honey will increase. This will be an additional source of income for the farmers.
Who will get: 2 lakh beekeepers will get the benefit.
How to get: Women will be given more opportunities in this. Collection, storage and marketing of honey will help.
When will you get: The government has not yet cleared it.

8. TOP i.e. Tomato, Potato, Onion Scheme, now other vegetables and fruits also

What will be getting: In case of tomatoes, potatoes and onions, Operation Green runs so that the farmers get the right amount of money. Now this scheme will also be applicable to fruits and vegetables.
Who will get: Those farmers, who grow fruits and vegetables besides potatoes, onions and tomatoes, but who often do not get the right price.
How to get: It will cost 500 crores rupees. 50% subsidy will be given on transportation and 50% subsidy on storage and cold storage.
When will you get: There will be a six-month pilot project.

9. Changes to the Essential Commodities Act
What will be getting
: In order to increase competition in farming and to give good prices to farmers, the Essential Commodities Act of 1955 will be changed.
Who will get: Farmers who grow oilseeds, pulses, potatoes, onions and those who sell edible oil will get direct benefits. These will be excluded from the scope of regulation.
How to get: No stock limit will be imposed on farmers for these things. There will be no stock limit for processors and those involved in the value chain. The stock limit will be applied only in exceptional cases like national disaster.
When will you get: The government did not say when the law will be amended.

10. Agriculture Marketing Reform
What will be getting
: A central law will be made so that farmers have a chance to sell produce at good prices.
Who will get: Those farmers who till now were able to sell their produce only in the Agricultural Producer Market Committee having license.
How to get: Farmers will be able to sell agricultural produce without stopping even in other states. They will also be able to do e-trading.
When will you get: The government has not yet cleared it.

11. There will be changes in the law for farmers
While sowing the crop, farmers do not know how much it will get and whether the entire produce will be sold or not. The government wants farmers to know before each season how much it will get for its produce. In order to guarantee income to the farmers, the government will change the law and create a system under which farmers, along with food processors, aggregators, retailers and exporters, can decide the price of their produce in advance. The aim is that hardworking farmers should not be oppressed and they can do risk-free farming.

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