Gurgaon Sonipat Coronavirus Update | Haryana Coronavirus Cases District Wise Today May 14th Update; Gurugram Sonipat Faridabad Jhajjar Panipat | 28 new patients arrived, 21 old patients got discharged from hospital, 1 year old girl in Faridabad is also corona positive

  • Police personnel posted in Faridabad also got positive
  • 439 patients in Haryana have been discharged from hospital

Dainik Bhaskar

May 14, 2020, 07:31 PM IST

Panipat / Faridabad. In Haryana, the number of corona positive patients has crossed 824, surpassing 800. On Thursday, 28 new patients appeared. The maximum 18 patients were found in Faridabad alone. Apart from this, 4 patients have been found in Gurgaon, 3 in Jhajjar, 2 in Karnal, 1 in Mahendragarh. At the same time, 21 old patients have also been discharged from the hospital. The number of patients recovering has reached 439. One year old girl was also found corona positive in 18 patients found in Faridabad. Along with this, a policeman positive has been found.

No single active patient in Yamunanagar

So far 8 corona positive patients have been found in Yamunanagar. Now all these have been cured. On Thursday, 4 patients were discharged from the hospital on recovery. There is not a single active patient here. Talking about the state, there are 374 active patients at this time. Kurukshetra, Kaithal and Hisar are the districts where there is 1-1 active patient left. At the same time, there are two active patients in Ambala and Palwal. Haryana's recovery rate reached 53.66 percent on Thursday.

Surge in patients' figures in Faridabad

  • On Thursday, 18 new patients have been found in Faridabad. After this, the total number of patients there has reached 133. A 45-year-old man was found positive in Bharat Colony here, he had symptoms of fever in addition to fever, phlegm and body pain for several days, due to which he was admitted to Sarvodaya Hospital on May 12, which was corona tested and the result came positive. .
  • One year old girl Corona positive has been found in Adarsh ​​Nagar locality of Faridabad. He was brought to the hospital due to rash and fever. The report came out positive when the corona was tested.
  • A 38-year-old man has also been found corona positive here, who hails from Mohali and returned from Mumbai. He works as a designer in Mumbai and came 5 months later. Got positive when the corona test was done. A 41-year-old woman living in Sector-10 has also been found corona positive. She is a housewife, lives in a joint family, one of the family members works as a vegetable vendor. Because of which Corona became positive.
  • Four days ago, Corona positive person was found in Sector-62, whose wife and two daughters were also found to be Corona positive. Apart from this, three corona-positive SGMs have been reported from the city, which belong to the Jamaat.

Haryana figures 824 patients

  • So far in Haryana, 170 in Gurgaon, 137 in Faridabad, 120 in Sonipat, 87 in Jhajjar, 60 in Nuh, 42 in Ambala, 37 in Palwal, 36 in Panipat, 23 in Panchkula, 20 in Jind, 17 in Karnal, Yamunanagar. 8, 7-7 in Sirsa, Rohtak and Fatehabad, 6-6 in Bhiwani, Rewari and Mahendragarh, 4-4 in Hisar and Charkhi Dadri, 3-3 in Kaithal and Kurukshetra. Apart from this, 14 Italian citizens were also admitted to Medanta Hospital Gurgaon, which Haryana has added to its list.
  • Now a total of 439 patients have been cured in the state. 64 in Sonipat, 62 in Faridabad, 62 in Gurgaon, 57 in Nuh, 38 in Ambala, Palwal 35, 24 in Jhajjar, 24 in Panipat, 18 in Panchkula, 10 in Jind, 8 in Yamunanagar, 5 in Karnal, 4 in Sirsa. , Yamunanagar, Bhiwani and Hisar 3-3, Kaithal, Kurukshetra, Rohtak 2-2, Charkhi Dadri, Fatehabad 1-1 Patients were sent home on recovery. 14 patients have also recovered from Italy.

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