Ratlam News in Hindi: Agriculture department released advisory, keep tractor powered spray pump water ready, drum, DJ and plate in border villages | Agriculture department released advisory, keep tractor powered spray pumps water ready in border villages, play drums, DJ and thali

Dainik Bhaskar

May 19, 2020, 08:03 AM IST

Mandsaur The locust team has entered the district of Bhanpura and Garoth from Rajasthan side. The village of Bhanpura has entered the villages of Sujanpura, Kuntalkhedi, Babulda, Dudhakhedi and Garot Khadavada, Dethali Bujurg, Duthalai, Ramgarh, which is the intermediate area of ​​Rajasthan border.

Deputy Director Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Department Dr. Ajitsinh Rathore said that the presence of grasshopper team has been found since Monday morning. At present there is no possibility of more outbreaks due to no agricultural crop being affected. In horticulture crops, mainly oranges, which are found in abundance in the above area, which have not reported any loss from the area and the direction of the locust flock has been found at 3 pm towards Jhalawar district of Rajasthan. More than 76 thousand farmers were told to control the locust through farmers portal for the awareness of farmers by locust rescue. Simultaneously, it will be necessary to arrange the farmers according to the district by the WhatsApp group and officials.

'Wherever locusts are sitting in the fields, turn the field immediately so that the eggs are destroyed'
On the instructions of Collector Manoj Pushp, a team of Agriculture, Horticulture Department and Krishi Vigyan Kendra were sent to Bhanpura area. How can farmers protect their fields, trees and vegetables from their wrath. How can locusts be destroyed. In this regard, the team was sent to Bhanpura area. Advised the farmers how to free the area from locusts. For this, the job of turning the field is important, wherever locusts are found sitting in the fields. Turn that field over immediately. This destroys the locusts of locusts given in that field. Besides, messages have also been sent to 1.5 lakh farmers through Krishi Vigyan Kendra. This enabled farmers to prepare in advance about the outbreak of locusts.

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