Indore News In Hindi: Caught On Camera: Woman Looted At Bhanwarkuan In Indore Amid Lockdown | Terror of robbers in West Indore, mobile, cash now chains chain of woman

  • People accused, cannot bring one kilo of vegetables from the market, but crooks are coming in the neighborhoods

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 11:02 AM IST

Indore. Even after the lockdown and curfew, thieves are roaming the city and are continuously committing the crime. The miscreants snatched a chain from the neck of a woman in the Bhanwarkuan police station area at 10 pm on Tuesday, while the delivery boy of the gas cylinder was looted in the Barathi Colony during the day. People say that when the police are not allowing us to bring home the goods, then how are thieves roaming freely and reaching the locality.

According to CSP Dishesh Aggarwal, the chain robbery took place at 10 pm on Tuesday night with 56-year-old Nita husband Parasram Nebhanani living in Anant Puri Colony. She was walking with her grandson at the time of the incident. Just then, the two miscreants from the bike swooped on their throats and took away peace. Officers reached there after knowing about the incident. CCTV footage of the incident was seen and now they are being searched on the basis of Huliya.

Delivery boy looted in Barathi Colony

On the other hand, the miscreants looted a delivery boy in the Barathi Colony during the day. On 13 May, the mobile of a young man named Sharad, who lives in the Gurunanak Colony, was taken away by a crook. Two days later, a bike-riding youth was robbed by the miscreants on the Supercorridor. At the same time, the miscreants have also committed thefts in many shops in Bhanwarkua and Juni Indore during lock down.

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