Bhopal News in Hindi: No efforts are being made to save the natural waters, the situation is that the rivers are drying up | No efforts are being made to save the natural waters, the situation is that the rivers are drying up

  • Water crisis starts looming right as summer starts, situation worsens in rural areas
  • Officers and public representatives are not paying attention to this problem of people, if they take initiative, the problem can be solved

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 07:57 AM IST

Bareilly. As soon as summer starts, the sound of watercourses is heard in the city and rural areas. For 3 months, people appear to be struggling for water. The officers and public representatives of the area are not taking any initiative to diagnose the problem of this water crisis that occurs every year, that is why people are seen wandering here for water throughout the year, in summer, the situation is worse than bad. .
If any effort is made to save and conserve natural waters, then the problem of this water crisis can be solved to some extent. But the situation is that due to lack of protection of natural water bodies, they are in a dilapidated condition. The same new water sources are also not being constructed. People are bringing water from 2 kilometers away in rural areas. Not only this, the rivers flowing every day are on the verge of drying up these days. Rivers that are proving to be a boon to thousands of farmers of the region are also getting waterless. With the knock of summer season, the underground water level in the area has started declining rapidly.
There was no such situation in the past: As a result of the continuous exploitation of water in the area, such a situation persists at present, it is known that there was no such situation in the area from 5 to 10 years ago. Despite being close to the Narmada River, these small rivers continue to cease to exist. Due to the large number of illegal excavations from these rivers, due to erosion of ghats every year, the path of water flow is getting narrower. And in large quantities, these rivers are also the main reason for the construction work done in rural areas and the illegal excavation done by the contractors for the soil work in the MNREGA, along with these rivers are made in the name of irrigating the place. . Due to which its natural flow is also adversely affected. At the same time, illegal excavation is also the main reason for the brick-kilns installed along the banks of these rivers in the area.
Rivers drying up due to illegal mining:

Rajesh Upadhyay, a farmer of Bagh Pipariya, said that due to the illegal extraction of large quantities of soil and gravel in the rivers of the region, the river Tadoni, which flowed yesterday, has dried up. The same situation would not have happened today if the administration had taken strict action on illegal mining in these rivers. Mehargaon farmer Inder Singh Rajput said that the Kevalari river coming from the forest near Bapuli which originates near the village has dried up as soon as the summer starts, due to which the problem of drinking water for the farmers as well as the cattle of the village Has stood up.
Negligence will cause loss of life: Social activist Radheshyam Sharma has expressed concern about the rivers drying up in the summer season, saying that it is harmful to animals including the common man. In the scorching heat, where the general public gets worried about the water and the water, in such a situation, the water of these rivers proves to be a life for the animals.

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