Indore News in Hindi: The DSP picked up 10-12 people preparing the party by cutting the goat, making a rooster and took out a procession in the village. DSP caught 12 people preparing for goat party, took cock and took out a procession in the village

  • Primary school teachers were also involved in the lockdown violators.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 11:50 AM IST

Udaigarh Those who took advantage of the exemption in lockdown were given a unique punishment by DSP Ashish Patel. The DSP picked up 12 people who were preparing for the party by cutting the goat and took out a procession in the entire village by making rooster.

DSP Patel told that in lockdown people can shop for essential items, so with the rule, there is a relaxation for some time. But people violate these rules. While we have already made the meeting aware of the rules. During two and a half hours on Tuesday afternoon, 10-12 people were preparing for the party by cutting the goat. These people also included some government primary school teachers.

DSP says- First of all, I should write to their senior officers for action. But not doing this, he made everyone cock and roamed the village by making sit-ups so that people are aware of the rules. Primary school teachers were taken to the front of the school and asked for forgiveness. Everyone said that they will never make such a mistake again. Left them at this.
Unique punishment given to businessman in the past
DSP has already taken such action against those who violate the rules. Recently, a businessman was selling goods after the time was over by entering the shop. The DSP got the information and kept the trader in the police station for 4 hours and got a call from the trader to all the other traders and told them not to violate the rules. Sir has made me sit in the police station. Follow social distance, do not give people goods without putting on masks.

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