Bhopal News In Hindi: Rs 620 884 laborers of Mandideep left by train, deposited per person | Rs 620 884 laborers of Mandideep left by train, deposited per person

  • The governments of UP and Bihar are not paying the rent of laborers, hence
  • More than 16 buses went from Mandideep, then the train found from Bhopal's Habibganj station, food packets and water bottles were also given

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 07:52 AM IST

Raisen. The special train was arranged by the Raisen administration to send 884 laborers from UP and Bihar to their homes, so that the laborers did not have to travel long distances on foot. All these laborers are from Bihar and UP.
The governments of these states did not provide tickets for laborers. Therefore, the administration has provided special trains at the expense of the workers. For this, only Rs 620 was deposited per person at the time of registration. Due to the amount already deposited, the laborers were provided tickets by the railway at Habibganj station. While the Madhya Pradesh government is bearing the expenses of the workers of the state itself. A special train left from Habibganj station for UP and Bihar with 884 laborers from Mandideep and 1400 laborers including Bhopal. Earlier in the morning, the workers had gathered in the Mandideep municipal complex. He was tested a day earlier. All these laborers were provided food packets and water bottles and were taken to Habibganj station by more than 16 buses. From there he was flown to UP and Bihar by special train. During this time SDM Vineet Tiwari and Tehsildar Santosh Bitolia were present. The workers were tested a day earlier by setting up camp in the playing field. This will prevent the spread of corona infection.

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