Indore News in Hindi: Indore Corona News Updates: Medical Shop Owner to Customer Over Medication Date Slip | Medical operator did not give the name of medicine, date and time slip to the customer, the administration took action

  • The administration has issued an order saying that it is mandatory for all medical operators to give the prescription of the name, time and date of the medicine to the customers.
  • Despite the lockdown and curfew, people are leaving home in large numbers by pretending to be medicine, orders issued to stop it

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 12:08 PM IST

Indore. The number of coronavirus patients in the city continues to grow. The administration believes that despite the lockdown and curfew, people are coming out of their homes in large numbers on the pretext of medicines, which is making it difficult to control the infection. To stop this, the administration has issued an order saying that every medical operator is required to give the prescription of name, time and date of medicine to all customers. If any drug operator violates this order, action will be taken against him.

On Wednesday, the administration executed action under Section 188 and 269 of Indian Penal Code against Niti Vishwakarma, the operator of Sanwaria Medical Store in Silicon City, for not giving the prescription, name and time and date slip to the customer. Administration officials say that if the person who came out of the house to take the medicine does not get the prescription given by the drug operator, then action will be taken against such people.

Home delivery of snacks and sweets also approved

The district administration has issued conditional approval of haem deliveries to 20 institutions on the demand of sweet-saline vendor association. These institutions will not be able to open shops and outlets. All these will be cleared for work at the construction site and clearance passes with two to three loading vehicles will be issued by ADM. Apart from this, the administration has also approved eight agency for home delivery of eggs, chicken.

Conditional Permission for Trade in Cantonment Market

Conditional permission has been issued to start business in the Cantonment Grain Market. According to the guideline, the merchant will be responsible for purchasing the goods through the deal sheet and bringing it from their home. Unloading and grading will be done at the godowns in the tax paid goods market of Kherchi and wholesalers. The arrival of goods can be done in the market from 8 am to 6 pm.

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