The maximum 13 corona positives were found in a single day in Bhind, the children of the couple found in Motipura were also infected. | Maximum 13 corona positives were found in a single day in Bhind, couple's children found in Motipura were also infected

  • Number of corona positive patients reached 38 in 12 days

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 12:45 PM IST

Bhind On Tuesday, the maximum 13 corona positive patients were found in Bhind. At the same time, another teenager, including the son of the couple, found in Motipura, has also become corona infected. Thus, the number of corona positive patients in the district has increased to 38 in 12 days. Most of these infected patients had come to Bhind from the hot spot areas of Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, in which some were having fever. Please tell here that in the district on Tuesday, samples of 82 people have been sent for investigation. While 76 people have reported, 13 are positive.

The graph of corona infected patients in the district is increasing rapidly. After the arrival of the woman from Motipura in Ahmedabad two days ago, corona positive where the report of her husband also came positive. On Tuesday, the report of his 15-year-old son and another one has also come to Corona positive. Similarly, four corona have become positive in Motipura village itself. One person each of Morkuti of Akora and Jamuna village of Lahar have also come to Corona positive. All these people are quarantined. On the other hand, after getting four corona positive on Tuesday in ward eight and nine of Gohad, the number of corona positive here has increased to 14.

Father and daughter returned from Delhi also infected
Father daughter Corona positive has been found in Jampura. Both of them returned from Delhi on May 17, Sunday. When the 17-year-old daughter got fever, he rushed to the district hospital. Both samples were found positive after taking samples. The couple, who hailed from village Dhanauli of Mehgaon, returned from Ahmedabad on May 18, when the woman had fever, they went to the hospital for an examination. Both of these reports have also come positive. Apart from this, a young resident of Ajnaur, Mehgaon, who came from Ahmedabad on 17 May, also had fever. It has also been reported positive.

Four patients found in ward 8 and 9 of Gohad
The number of infected people in Gohad is continuously increasing. Two corona positives have been received on Tuesday in ward numbers eight and nine. These people used to do furniture and labor work in Mumbai. In this, the youth of Ward 9 resident came to Gohad on May 14 with his father in a loading car. While ward 9 resident father son reached Gohad on 13 May by truck. The Collector has declared Bada Bazar Ward 11 of Gohad, Mauja Machraiya of Mihona, Chaturvedi Nagar Gali No. 3 of Bhind and Rowli as a Containment Area.

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