Snakelet In Madhya Pradesh Bhind House Update; All you need to know | Snake babies coming out of home for 8 days, 51 sapoles left in one day, 123 snakes have been caught so far

  • This series continues for the last eight days, during this time the people of the house have caught 123 snakes.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 12:40 PM IST

Bhind Daily snakes are coming out of a house in Chachai village of Raun tehsil. This series has been going on for the last eight days, during which the people of the house have caught 123 snakes. The children and women of the house are so badly frightened by the snake coming out that they have gone into defeat to live. Prince Kushwaha told that as soon as it gets dark, snakes start coming out of the house. Sitting in a chair overnight, the prince along with his brother hold the snake's children.

The family released the video and said – Someone help
The head of the family, Jeevan Singh Kushwaha, has released a video message on social media informing about the matter. After this, the people of the village also saw the cobra's children. Jeevan told that this snake has poison in both mouth and tail. Therefore, to avoid them, the rest of the members of the house have been sent out. Since 8 days both brothers have not slept at night.

Asked for help from the secretary, said – feed them

The people of the troubled family gave information to the Panchayat Secretary, then they also said that give milk to those snakes, but people are afraid that it is not natural to have so many snake children together. There can be many big snakes inside the house which must be captured. But no village has reached the forest department.

Family members catch suppresses overnight
On Monday, 51 snake children came out of the house together. The cobra snake's children sometimes come out of the doorpost and sometimes from the corner of the wall. To catch them, the family members sit on the chairs all night long. These snake babies are so agile that they do not come easily. They run for a bite when caught.

Send a forest guard to investigate
Ranger Raju God says that due to which a large number of snakes are coming out in the house, they are sending a forest guard to investigate. Maybe there is a snake babi near the house, due to the heat, it is coming out in it. The snake is a cobra or not.

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