Bhopal News In Hindi: Last year, 1.35 lakh tonnes of wheat was purchased in two and a half months, this time the figure reached 1.50 tonnes in 30 days | Last year, 1.35 lakh tonnes of wheat was purchased in two and a half months, this time the figure reached 1.50 tonnes in 30 days

  • Just bought 30 percent, but the trouble is that now the produce of those farmers will be purchased.
  • Those who received SMS after 14 May, the rest of the farmers were not given a chance

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 07:30 AM IST

fold. This time, the bumper yield of wheat can be estimated from the purchase price at the support price. In 2019, a total of 1.35 tonnes were purchased in two and a half months. This time, 1.50 lakh tonnes of wheat have reached the government godowns during the procurement for barely a month or are waiting for lifting.
According to the departmental figures, 30 percent of the purchases are still left. This time the biggest reason for the increase in procurement is that there is a lot of difference between the market and private level. The support price has been fixed at Rs 1925 per quintal. While the prices of 1600 to 1625 are available in the market. The last date for purchase has been set as 26 May.
Due to these mistakes, we were not able to weigh on time: The farmers reached the center on the same date, whose message had come. Due to the negligence of the department and the society, the time could not be weighed. Many days an excuse was made for not having gunny bags. Then there was a reason for no lifting. Now these farmers are being asked to sell their produce in the open market. Transport contracts have been awarded for lifting of wheat from procurement centers. According to the rules, the contractor also has to bring his hammer. But by doing this, he only gets the goods loaded in the trucks with the hammers engaged in weighing. When Hammal does this work, the weighing stops. When Bahori, Tehsildar Mohit Jain noticed this disturbance, he made it clear that the Hammals of the purchased center would not be put on loading.
New Decree: Farmers with dates before May 14 will not weigh
Here, the new decree of the Food and Supplies Department has increased the hassle of hundreds of farmers. District Supply Officer Jyoti Baghel has issued an order that now the produce of those farmers, who have received SMS after May 14, will be taken. On the other hand, there are more than 200 farmers at centers like Bishani, Kishan, Rampur in Bamori, who received messages from May 8 to 14. The number of such farmers can be in thousands at centers across the district.
Followed by the government's instructions
Government instructions came that the farmers to whom SMS has been sent after 14 May should be purchased only. Earlier, farmers who have not been weighed will be sent fresh SMS. – Jyoti Baghel, District Supply Officer
Controversy: Hundreds of gunny bags disappeared from Bamori procurement center
Due to shortage of gunny bags, new types of disputes are now arising. Hundreds of gunny bags went missing at the center in Bamori on Tuesday. Later it was discovered that he was hidden by some farmers. Actually these farmers have to be weighed on Wednesday. But he noticed that the gunny bags are low and will end on Tuesday itself. So they did this action. The quarrel grew so much that the police had to be called. TI Dipendra Singh Chauhan deployed policemen there to keep an eye on gunny bags.

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