Bhopal News In Hindi: Not being weighed for four days due to lack of gunny bags | There is no weighing for four days due to lack of gunny bags

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 07:22 AM IST

Sehrai The support price is not on the purchase center number 1 and 2 for about four days. For this reason, the wheat of hundreds of farmers is kept open at the center. To protect this wheat from rain, farmers have stopped at the center with tarpaulin etc. This is causing problems to the farmers. At the same time, the yield of many farmers has been reduced, but due to the failure of the portal, due to their online entry, they are not getting the amount of their produce in their account.
For the last about 10-15 days, there is light drizzle with strong wind everyday in the evening. Due to this, the procurement center could not be weighed for four days from 7 to 10 May. After this, the waradana is unable to be weighed. Still raining lightly in the evening. The farmers whose messages came, took their produce to the procurement center and after weighing their produce put it at the procurement center. Messages from these farmers came from 4 to 10 May. Many of these farmers had tilled their produce. At the same time, the yield of many farmers has to be weighed. Online entry purchase of the produce of these farmers is not being done on the portal of the center. Due to this, farmers are not getting the money for their produce.
These farmers are not getting entry: Vishnupratap Singh, Mahendra Singh, Dharmendra Singh Jain, Kripal Singh, Pramendra Singh Jain, Prabal Pratap Singh, Harpal Singh, Chirmal Singh, Seema Bai, Simarjit Singh, Kamaljit Singh, Lalaram, Sandeep Singh, Rekha Tomar There are about 50 farmers, including Dharmendra Sahu, Pyara Singh, Makhan Singh Singh.

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