Ujjain News in Hindi: Husband strikes character in Jahangirpur | Husband strikes character in Jahangirpur

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 07:18 AM IST

Nagda. On Tuesday, women from two villages in the police station area filed a report against the husbands. Sangeeta of Jahangirpur accused husband Bhima aka Kailash father Shobharam of assaulting and abusing the character in doubt. The victim told the police that if she goes to work in the village, the husband doubts my character. On this matter, the husband abused the mother-sister and beat him with wood. Police have taken action against Bhima in sections 294, 323, and 506. Similarly, Jyoti Joshi of village Baledi lodged a complaint at the complaint station of husband Lakhan Joshi. She told that husband Lakhan asks for alcohol. Beats up for not giving money for drinking. Police have registered cases against Lakhan Joshi in 323 and 504 cases.

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