Indore News in Hindi: Indore Coronavirus Lockdown, Madhya Pradesh Home Guard, Migrant Workers in Indore | Seeing the hungry thirsty children at 1 o'clock, the Home Guard soldier arranged for 30 laborers to eat, gave the children a solution of ORS

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 03:13 PM IST

Indore. For the 30 laborers migrating in lockdown, a home guard of the city made arrangements for food at 1 pm. Not only this, ORS solution was also provided to his children who walked with him on foot hundreds of kilometers in the heat of the day and paid them money and drove them to the bypass safely.

On Tuesday night, the children of the family of 30 laborers who were migrating towards Sagar (Damoh) by walking towards Ghat Billaud on foot and seated their children on the shoulder, were stunned with hunger. On this, the city soldier Sanjay Sanvre, who was on duty here, took information from the family after seeing the children shouting. He said that after walking hundreds of kilometers, his rupees came to his end by coming here. There is no money to buy food. Then the soldier Sanjay, along with some youths of the area, arranged for 30 people to eat and gave them money from their pockets and made the children drink ORS solution. Later, a vehicle was arranged for him from the area and he was safely taken to the bypass. This act of policeman filled the eyes of the women of the workers' family and they left home happily giving prayers.

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