Coronavirus UAE Abu Dhabi | Coronavirus UAE India News Latest Update; 105-Member Medical Team (Nurses) In United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi for COVID-19 mission | Team of 105 doctors and nurses from India reached UAE, here it will help in treating serious patients

  • India's Ambassador to UAE Pawan Kapoor said- Medical team's arrival is evidence of good relations between the two countries
  • 25 thousand 63 cases of infection in UAE, so far 227 people have died

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 04:30 PM IST

Abu Dhabi A medical team of 105 doctors and nurses from India arrived in the UAE on Wednesday. This team will help the medical staff of UAE in treating serious patients there. This team includes many specialist doctors. India's Ambassador to the UAE Pawan Kapoor said – There is a strong relationship between the two countries. Our medical team's arrival here is another proof of this.
As of Tuesday night, a total of 25 thousand 63 cases were reported in the UAE. 227 people have died. 10 thousand 791 are also healthy.

Specialist is in team
According to UAE website 'The National', the team that reached Abu Dhabi from India has doctors, nurses and paramedical staff. They are experts in the treatment of all critical care. They are brought from Etihad Airlines' chartered flights. All these will treat serious patients in different UAE hospitals.

UAE asked for help
The UAE had sought help from some other countries. India is also involved in these. Ambassador of India here Pawan Kapoor said, “This is a great example of cooperation in the field of health between the two countries. We have always encouraged a united fight against this epidemic in the war. India and the UAE have also proved how much the two countries help each other. ”

Some staff was stuck in India
In this medical team of 105 people, there are 75 who work in India. There are 30 Indians working in the UAE. These people returned to the country for holidays. But, got stuck there due to lockdown. Dr Nabil Deboni of UAE's VPS Health Care Medical Service said, “The team from India are experts in critical care. We know how difficult this battle is. We talked to our government first. After this, the Indian Embassy told about the need. We are grateful to him for sending the help. ”

Staff also test
The team members sent from India are originally from Kerala. All of them underwent a corona test before leaving for UAE. Everyone followed the guidelines during the journey. Most of the nurses in this team have come on a foreign trip for the first time. 88 nurses have already arrived here for help.

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